Itching at night mostly occurs getting little spots also, my legs are the worse my palms of my hands arms sometimes my stomach help!

Hey Guys, I'm Totally New Here But I Really Need Some Heads Up Advice Please ... I've been getting itches around my both legs top to bottom of my legs. My arms and my hands when u scratch my arms I get small spots redness around the spots too, Also when I scratch my legs they start too bleed a bit also on my hands and arms too starts bleeding, when I scratch my hands the side of my hands starts too get dryed skin on it... I did go to see my doctor he put me on tablets and cream to stop the itch when I go bed at night cause it does get worse at night I've been having this problem just after Xmas last year and it still hasn't stopped someone please help I'm sitting here scratching my legs my arms hands and now my ankles I really am annoyed by this condition I have whatever it is the doctor said its not scabies but now I don't know what to believe Help Much Needed

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  • Have a word with your GP as it maybe worth a LFT (Liver Function Test).

  • Ask to be referred to a dermatologist they will be best placed to help you.

    All the best


  • Ever since being on biologics I have been itchy and developed allergies. I take Fexofenadine hydrochloride 180mg daily which helps. I also changed my washing detergent to non-bio and use comfort pure fabric conditioner (it has a baby on the bottle). This helped with some of the itching. On top of that I changed my shower gel to Sanex and the best body lotion for me is Aveeno Creamy Oil. I still itch, especially when I shower but it is no way near as bad. Are you getting too hot at night? That could make it worse. I hope this was helpful.

  • I do get really warm at night, when I have showers I scratch so much and its painful ice stopped using some shower gels that may have caused me itching in the showers too I've also stopped using a certain deorderant cause the chemicals in them did make me itch also

  • Are you on sulfasalazine? I had terrible itching but it went about 2 months after I came off it. Had been on it for about 3 years! Also I was on Humira for a couple of years and was fine until I suddenly developed psoriasis and had to come off that as well!

  • If you use soap to wash, try using some sort of aqueous solution instead. If you ask your pharmacist he/she will advise on different types for your condition.

  • I've had similar scratched till I bled I also was advised to change washing powder to fairy non bio and not to use fabric conditioner he also put me on citirizine tablets you can buy them over the counter and it's more or less all stopped apart from my scalp oh and I use simple soap to wash myself no shower gels or talc

  • Hi

    The dermatologist idea is definitely the way of go forward,as if it's not an allergic reaction to either one of your meds,or maybe a combination of a couple,it often says on the leaflets given with your meds that scratching can be a side effect,and also sometimes a sign of an overdose... I'm not going on about an intended overdose,but maybe just one of your meds needs to be tweaked just a tiny bit? Otherwise,have you thought that you may be coming down with something like excma or psoriasis? It may also just be a random thing - it's something that the women in my family get when we're extremely tired and run down.... as my dad says,it looks like we've got lice the way we can't sit still😝 but I know how uncomfortable it is when you're lying awake at night literally ripping your skin off your limbs!! I'm guessing you've tried an antihistamine at night?? I find a high dose of that usually does the trick enough to let me settle for some sleep if it's really bad,as I only take them on the odd occasion. But if you haven't already spoken to your dr about the possibility of a medication side effect,then maybe a review with him about all of your meds,and if that doesn't work,then insist on seeing a dermatologist - it's bad enough having sleepless nights due to being ill,let alone this on top too.

    Good luck

  • My doctor gave me two tubs of cream I have too apply three times a day on the areas where I scratch most and some tablets I've to take every night that make me drousy and sleep easy at night it prevents the scratching so I can get sleep at night it worked for awhile but now there not working as good as they used to for me

  • Hi! I've had random itchiness (especially when relaxing) since being on biologic medication so I'm guessing it's that. As my skin and hair seems to have gone very dry I guess it's that and just moisturise very well whenever I'm itchy and it does settle pretty quickly. Might be worth a go before you add more drugs to everything else.

  • Try a little extra virgin coconut oil after your shower and let it soak in before you go to bed. that should help a lot. Good luck and welcome to the board

  • Do you know any places where u could get that oil? Thanks I'm glad too be here. 💜😊

  • We get ours at a box store, but you can get it at grocery stores as well as specialty stores like Indian markets. You can also get it on the internet - Amazon usually has it. The other thing you can do that might help even more is some chickweed ointment. I am a certified herbalist and got my certification from the School of Natural Healing. the reason I tell you this is because I tend to recommend his products because I know them so well. I'm not affiliated in any other way with them or the Natural Market. This ointment however will do even more for you than the coconut oil:

    You can make your own if you are up to it. It you want the instructions, PM me and I will be happy to send them to you. This will help a lot I know - I use it all the time..

  • I've had eczema all my life so I'm no stranger to itching and the menopause made it worse! I'm on sulphasalazine and methotrexate which doesn't help although they've been brilliant for my RA.

    I cope by using aqueous cream instead of soap in the shower (careful not to slip!) and scent-free shampoo and conditioner. Then I use Diprobase cream all over after showering. It's a faff but worth it. Also Eucerin anti-itch cream is good and I have Elocon steroid cream for any bad breakouts, thankfully I don't have to use that very often as it can be damaging.

    Hope you find a solution for this, that works for you! Wishing you a warm welcome to the forum.

    Ally x

  • Tonight I'm not that bad scratching I'm not itching as bad as I was last night all thats really itching me is my baby finger and my sides but not as bad I am moisturizing my hands but not as often as I should sometimes it does help but sometimes it doesn't ...

  • hi Ally - I do something similar. I make my own bar soaps out of premium quality ingredients and do not have the issues I used to with commercial soaps that contain Triclosan, phthalates, and parabens among other things.. I haven't tried the Eucerin...

  • Whoa there, Leanne! Welcome here.

    How about telling us about your arthritis? You never know, this may be related to that.

  • Hey I haven't got any arthritis

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