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PIP Assessment


PIP Assessment on Mon 26 Aug 9.15. Had appointment 26 June, but Health Professional could not find my house,found every other Address in the parish.I lodged a complaint,very strongly,told Capita Idid not except this as a reason but an excuse.I will see what happens on Mon. I gave them directions.Also not helped with general well being,but they don't care,Health Professional,in what field.

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Good for you, complaining in strong terms. What a useless article this assessor must have been. You will, no doubt, have been required to give your phone number on the application forms and surely it's not hard to stop, look at your form and give you a ring? The mind boggles


I have ra and it’s been really bad with this beautiful weather had appointment for 9th August for pip rang and asked for a home visit and was told by a snotty woman I probebly won’t get one and will have to attend a meeting where they say so I’m waiting now for a letter to say if I can or not , I hasten to add my feet ,knees and hands are affected most which makes it hard for me to walk very far or to drive my car vary far as my knees get painful after 10/15 mins in car and they’re expecting me to go nearly 40 mins away stupid thoughtless people, I hope you get yours sorted and it goes well , good luck

You need to tell them in no uncertain terms that you can’t make that journey and why.

I’ve often read online that this can be a test to your health/mobility.

Goodluck with your claim 💕💕

That’s totally unacceptable. It’s not just that they didn’t turn up it’s all the stress you probably put yourself through the days before?

You now have to go through all this again.

Like gnarli pointed out... they had your contact details and chose not to use them😡

Goodluck with your claim 💕💕

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