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Post surgery


Evening all well i am home and i must admit i was surprised when they told me i was having a general. They have broken the second and third toes on my left foot,they have pulled the joints back as well. I have a beautiful big black boot(not) and a lovely green stocking on the other foot which i have to wear for two weeks. I go back to the hospital in two weeks to have the stitches out and redressed. Then in six weeks i have the wires out and then we will see what my foot looks like.

Thank you all for your kindness to me while this has been going on. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Omg how brave is this what RA do s to you ??? Hope you feel better soon tc xx

Take care ❤️

Flipping 'eck, Sylvi. You have been in the wars - again. Wishing you the speediest and most problem free recovery ever. Huge hugs


sylvi in reply to Gnarli

Gnarli you can write a book on my


Sounds nasty. Rest up!

Oooh sylvi you must be exhausted. Take it easy , no gardening allowed 🤨 i hope you are able to sleep ok and all goes well for you .💐💐💐

Aww bless u I hope your not in too much pain ?? Take it easy xx

You take it nice an easy put your feets up an chill you deserve it been a long day for you and you were very brave x

Green stocking! Couldn't they at least have given you a happier colour....

Glad the op went well👍

Speedy recovery

Morning all,well i am still alive after yesterday. I had a reasonable night considering and i didn't end up down here. It is very sore this morning as the anaesthic(excuse the spelling,but you know what i mean) has worn off now. I have taken my meds and have a cup of tea and now on my recliner.

Regarding the compression socks i have some nice white one from previous operations so today we will dig them out. No gardening thats for sure as i really can't do it with this boot on. I will be a good girl i can promise you all that. Thank you all very much for your kind words to me and the support you all give me for so long. I love you all so much and i don't know how i would feel if i didn't have you all here for me.xxxxx

Is that you up early with the pain Sylvi 😔

sylvi in reply to Ajay575

I have pain Ajay,but i am usually up by this time i don't sleep that good or for that long. Last night was fairly good considering what i had done yesterday,better than if i had stayed in hospital darling.xxxx

Get well soon my soldier friend, brave soldier like your hubby x

That's good after yesterday .and getting home hope your day goes ok x

You brave girl x hopefully it will all be worth it x keep smiling 😘😘

Wishing you a speedy recovery!! Green is an okay color... No??😘

Hoping you have a pain free recovery. Wishing you all the best.

Well done brave Sylvia, even more bionic now!

How long do you have to wear the compression socks?

sylvi in reply to premierscfc

Two weeks and six for the boot when they take the wires

It should only get better now but toes are painful little things anyway and treat yourself to a nice cake later in the garden🍰🍮x

So pleased all went well. Best wishes for a swift recovery

Pleased to hear your op went well, you're home and resting. Bless you the boot and stockings must be making you feel hot! Be careful, no over doing things and getting frustrated by not being able to do what you want. Think recovery Sylvie. You look after yourself lovely xx Rie

Oh no! And it still goes on. I hope your foot isn’t too painful and you’ve managed to find your white stockings. Out of interest do you have to keep your foot elevated? The last time I had to have my foot operated on I had to keep it ups for six weeks. Before the op I’d had all sorts of plans on what I’d do with my time off work, but found even reading was difficult with your foo in the air!

sylvi in reply to helenlw7

I have found my white socks and yes they look a lot better than that horrible green thing i had on yesterday when i came home. I do find it is better when elevated and i have some crutches that i had in the cupboard and i am using them and it is easier for me to use

Do you think it is cheaper to produce green socks than white ones? The green ones are so depressing. I’m hoping to have by bunion redone and the next toe straightened later this year, but the last time I had it done I went up a shoe size so I’ve been putting it off for a few years!

sylvi in reply to helenlw7

Your probally right i know the green sock is blooming awful. I bet the bunion surgery is painful

It was! The annoying thing about the last time It done was when I met the surgeon post op I asked him if that was it now for good, the answer was no, probably not. He told me there was a better op I could have had done but it was more painful and had a better recovery time (and probably more expensive!) my bunion and bent toe were back after two years and is now very difficult with shoes. I now have an appointment to meet the surgeon in October!

Glad your op went well, and that you are being a good girl !

Get well soon, Lynda xx💕💕🌸🌸💐💐🌹🌹

Chill out, rest and recuperate and don't be tempted to do too much too soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Glad all went well. Hate those green stockings, hot and uncomfortable, but necessary. Lots of rest now until you go back. X

Poor you - but at least you are through [over?] this latest hurdle - wishing you a speedy recovery xox

Sending you light and love dear lady. Get well soon 💕

Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts (though I know you're an incredibly positive person anyway!) x

sylvi in reply to Bookworm55

Thank you Bookworm and every one of you who have posted replies on all my

Fight on, dear Sylvi! I hope your enjoy a relaxing and seamless recovery!

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