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Postmenopausal anxiety


I'm 67 years old and still going through a post-menopausal. I believe. My anxiety has increased over the last year so much so that I wake up with a very heavy feeling in my stomach and sweating. I have trouble going to events and have to push myself because of the anxiety. I do swim and exercise but it returns with a vengeance... Any trip for a big event presents itself as a wall and I have to get over that wall before I can go which I do but it's a lot of work. Any thoughts on perhaps some medication

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Hi. Unless you believe you need antidepressants, your GP won't wasn't to prescribe any tablets other than propranolol if you are having panic attacks. Would you consider accessing some counselling? NHS tends to be Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, but in some areas you can access voluntary counselling.

If you are near a library they often have self help books on anxiety, or google Hope thats a titchy bit helpful. Ignore if not.All the very best.

I found that learning biofeedback breathing was and is a very effective method of managing anxiety caused by hormonal imbalance. The other consideration is how the drugs will interact with each other.

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Sorry, that sounded like I was being dismissive. I did not intend it that way, at all. I started in my early forties so sympathy for what it can be like. Also you maybe responding to medication. It felt like I was going through menopause on steroids !


Really sympathise jeannie, had similar, it was waking me up even when exhausted. I'm sure GP could recommend medication, if that's what you want. Mine referred me for CBT course which was helpful despite my cynicism. Dr matt lewis overcome anxiety was excellent cos it changed way i thought about it: panic about having panic attack etc 😜😊 x


As Izzy in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" said: "You need to get you some hormones, girl." I'm 70 and finally found a doctor who would prescribe them for me. I'm just starting my 3rd month on them and I feel so much better now!! No more more more fatigue. Try to find a doctor that will prescribe...I think it's awful that the medical community thinks it's OK for women to suffer when there is a solution to all these horrible symptoms.

One of my favorite movies... Yes I didn't start menopause until 57 so hormones might be be an answer.

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