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shoulder and arm pain


Will it get better?

recentlymy shoulders and upper arm muscles have been giving me

great pain, also it feels as if the bone in my forearm is hurting.

I am not sleeping and I am unable to raise my arms over my head

without pain. Also, one knee is giving unbearable pain, I have had it

injected but this time it does not appear to have worked, last night

my doctor gave me the bottom injection, this morning there

is a slight improvement.

I am on metx and quinoric and have Naproxine if I want it.

I have had flare ups and a jab gets me up and running but this time

I am scared that if this does not work what next?

are there other drugs that can give me relief?

I have had rh for twenty six years and it was fine on Arthrotec, I am

wondering if Metx does not suit me.


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Ann the only way to get the answers your looking for is to contact your rheumy department. Have you thought it might be fibromyalgia. I had pain in places all over and sometimes they go away and then they come back. I was diagnosed last august with that to add to the ra. Life sucks doesn't it. I am sending you hugs. xxxx


Thank you for your reply, sadly over the past few weeks my

dealings with my consultant and GP have left me with the

feeling I am not being listened to.

I too wondered about Fibro, I have managed to bring forward an

appointment so will asked about it, thanks.

Most times I manage to get through these times but this time

the pain is all consuming.

Wishing you also less pain and good weather

Ann x

Hi there,

There are lots of different drugs so don't worry for the moment, as some drugs work better for some people than others. And how long have you been on MTX and hydroxy (Quinoric)? They can take a few months to start working properly. If it's longer than that then I'd ask rheumy.

What's interesting is that you have changed from just taking an anti-inflammatory (arthrotec) to these stronger drugs which actually attack the disease. And the steroid jabs also just help with the symptoms so not brilliant as a long term solution (although for some people nothing else works). Did your doc change you over because your symptoms were getting worse anyway? Unfortunately RA is a progressive disease, so if not controlled it does continue to eat away at bits of you, so it's good that you've been put on something more effective - but not so good that it's not making enough of a difference yet.

anyway, don't despair. There are othe solutions so go back to doc to discuss. And just to ask silly question, you have asked whether the shoulder pain is RA rather than something mechanical? Good luck. Polly


Hi Gazelle, at last someone who sounds a little like me on the drugs front!

I too lived quite happily on indomethacin (nsaid) from ages 14 to 40, after that doctors decided it was too aggressive on stomach, so the tried various NSAIDs, and managed to keep active, even though I had had knees and hips replaced. Then I had a little flare after complicated surgery. I was told I reall y should be on a Dmard, hated methotrexate, so many side effects for me,so in the the process of trying to find one that suits, not an easy task! I actually, had a very nice time on Embrel which is a biologic, but it decided not to like me! There are so many new good drugs out there, and as others have said you really have to discuss this with your consultant. It does some as though your current drugs are not quite suiting you, have you had your bloods checked?

The reason for giving us these powerful drugs is to safeguard our joints, and although they are not always pleasant, neither is joint surgery and losing on functionality. I wish I had had the benefit of these when I was younger now. There are a number of reasons for your pain, get on the phone to your GP and consultant today!!! Take lots of care, and let us know how your getting on.


PS Gazelle, have you tried another GP or maybe a second opinion, doctors do not always understand, and you do not have to be in pain. I wish you all the very best, and keep writing, as sharing also helps loads. Jennyxxx

Hi Jenny

My consultant is new to me and she appears to be someone who

will listen. I have brought my next appt forward so will see what she has

to say next week, maybe review my drugs.

Due a blood test but last ones were fine and BP fine.

I have just sat down to watch a bit of telly and within secs fell asleep.

I know I have had a few bad nights but even when sleeping I wake up tired.

I do believe this years weather has hit me hard, as it has many us sufferers.

Thanks to all for listening,.



Try the naproxen I take it because like you I have bad muscle pain in the arms.i believe my muscles and soft tissue flares when my joints are bad so I'm not using them properly.nap helps andnim now on amatriptaline too.

Thanks. I am taking Napx but still bad.

Not much of me working at the moment, my feet are killing

me also. Off for a blood test this pm, hopefully next week I will

get some answers and more important some pain relief.

The injection in the bottom has maybe helped a tad as I slept last

night albeit I woke up halfway down the bed so found it nigh

on impossible to get out!!!! ):)

My lips are splitting due to iron being down, on pills for that but

lips still sore,also I have developed TMJ since a visit to the dentist

to have caps done, oh dear I sound a right pain (sorry).

Off to make another cuppa before seeing the'vampire'.


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