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R/A question


I have had R/ Arthritis for about 10year I see a Rummy about ever 3-5 months but the pain is something unbearable, I was wondering if I saw a spine & nerve doctor privately if it would help, it is quite expensive but we would fine the money if it would help I paid and went for assessment,but not sure , please help

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Speak to your rheumy before you do anything,then check out all the medics who do it before you do anything darling.xxxx

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Thank you, good advice I will do that speak to rheumy kind regards Elizabeth

Are you in England? As you should go and tell your GP the problems you are having as maybe they are nothing to do with your RA, and ask the GP to investigate and maybe help with the pain. And also push your rheumy just in case different treatment would help.

I would only pay to go private after I had pushed to get investigations and treatment on the NHS.

Thank you, just really desperate, I will do as you recommend kindest regards Elizabeth x

After 10 years you would think your RA would be controlled and managed well.Do you have faith in your rheumatologist? Ask him to seriously sort this out for you or you want a second opinion.

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Hi thank you I am going to ask for a second opinion Elizabeth x

Hiya Elizabeth. I'm pleased you see your Rheumy so regularly, though as you do it does beg the question why do you still have pain? By that I mean he/she will be more on top of your blood results & you'll have more regular DAS 28 examinations which should alert your Rheumy to the pain you're experiencing. Is your score generally high? When he/she palpates your joints is there no response when you respond to pain? Do you otherwise feel well controlled or you feel like you did when first diagnosed & have the other symptoms of feeling flu-like or is it just the pain you have? Sorry for all the questions.

Another thought, is it possible if you're otherwise well controlled that it's not pain relating to RD but Osteoarthritis? That is like many of us as we age we also have OA creeping in, I was diagnosed with both RD & OA at 48, is it possible that the pain you're experiencing could be due to OA? I can vouch it can be blinkin painful. Before mine was controlled better I thought it was RD romping away, the pain was, to my mind, similar.

Apols if none of this is useful but I agree with the others who say until you've explored every available NHS avenue please don't think about paying for investigations, it could be the answers are there for you if you discuss them with your medical team. Should it be nerve related your Rheumy or GP can refer to you Neurology & meantime prescribe adequate pain relief or recommend exercise as appropriate.

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Thank you for your reply, I don’t really want to spend any money we haven’t really got, but I am desperate, I do like my Rheumy but she never really does anything, only get a blood test done &increases drugs . The pain in my right leg is unbearable from lower back to toes , some days I have such trouble walking the shortest distance, I never give in , always have to use a walking stick , my GP has closed down and the new one is awful , have to wait eight weeks for an appointment, I have had a lot of healthy issues, Cancer twice, stroke , diabetes, high blood pressure, I am 71 I do feel I got much more living still to do. So I am going to ask for a second opinion thank you for your time Elizabeth x

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That doesn't sound as though you're getting particularly good treatment, does she never examine you? How does she respond to your complaining about your leg/lumbar/toe pain, other than increasing your meds I mean? It's just it sounds more sciatic nerve related, or sacroiliitis, which can be related to RD inflammation & be very painful. She could order an X-ray or MRI. NSAIDs or steroid injection could help.

You've been through the mill... but you've come out the other end & you will with this too. But do explore & determine nothing other can be done before spending money if you can ill afford it. Eight weeks is a ridiculously long wait for a GP appointment, are there no other Practices locally? Or, you could present at Urgent Care at your local hospital, nobody would blame you for the pain you've been experiencing. 71 is no age & yes, you've a lot of living to do but it would be more pleasurable without that pain. Take care Elizabeth.

I agree with nomoreheels. Mine was exactly the same and pain from both is awfull. Need to explain were .when. and how bad to your Gp. A.s.a.p

Thank you I am going to ask for a second opinion, Elizabeth x

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