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hi I have been dignoised with r/a since 2014 and have been given medication to help witch does most time but of late over the last few days I have it in my feet and ankles and I have been falling over I recently fell down the stairs only two but I sliped and it felt like my ankle was going to broke then the other afternoon I went to get into the car and mis steped and fell on floor cutting my knee to bits I don't know why and my ankles fill very week any ideas

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  • Dear loppyloo12,

    I can only tell you my own experience. I had been diagnosed of RA in end Jun 2014. I was given 2 steroid injections, methotrexate and prednisolone to start with. Then leflunomide was added a year later and prednisolone was slowly being removed after about 6 months when mtx was working on me.

    At the very beginning, I could not work properly even on very even road. I had to be very slow because my ankles and knees just gave way and they did not know how to balance my body anymore. My daughter was always with me because she wanted to make sure I would not fall over. About a year later, I was back to quite normal and I could walk as usual since.

    I am the kind who submitted myself to my rheumy and I do not skip my medicines without the instruction of my rheumy. I also do my daily exercise accordingly.

    My advice to you is to talk to your rheumy immediately and to see if you need to increase the dosage or to change the drugs.

  • Thank u I was on methotrexate injection at the start but it knocked me sick so I came off that and now on lufidimide and hydroquaiquiwuin it's worrying me as I work 12 hour shifts nights and need to keep my job xx

  • Dear Loppyloo,

    I was very tired at the beginning of my treatment and I got very much better after about a year. I am very sorry to know that you have to work 12 hours a shift nights and need to keep your job. That is really hard for us the RA patients. I slept in the office almost half of the time when I was at the peak of my suffering. I am glad that my boss and colleagues did understand my problem and they just let me did what I had to to recover.

  • Hi I was diagnosed in March and I'm on methotrexate and steroids. since October my feet and ankles have had the same problems too. I've contacted rheumy as I feel my mobility is so much worse now. M x

  • Thankvuvi am not on methotrexate now as it mocked me sick but I'm struggling and feel so week in my ankles x

  • Hello loppyloo12. I've had Ra since July 2013 and I was diagnosed in May 2014. The meds that where given to me did nothing to control this dang disease. My symptoms snowballed over the next 2 years. I too would just fall over. I would be standing in line at the grocery store and then without any warning I would just fall hard to the ground. I went from the summer of 2013 until September 2016 (3years later) of suffering on meds that weren't working. It wasn't until I got a 2nd opinion from a new rheumatologist that I have started to go into remission. Please seek a 2nd opinion on your meds.

  • Thank u so much never had problem since 2014 but lately the pain and weekend is crazy x

  • I had problems with muscle weakness when I had a severe flare and had to be on high dose steroids for a while. Fortunately, I was able to go to hydrotherapy where I was able to work on my muscles in the warm water and then progressed to aquafit in the cool water. I've continued this to keep as fit as I can.

  • Thank hi need to sort Somat

  • Yeah - I think a visit to the docs - quick - would be best. It sounds like there may be something else going on. I've had problems falling, but only after my large toe started to turn in toward all of the other toes, and I started losing my balance..

  • Thank u its so not like me I'm a dopey cow but never fall and so active I'm getting scaredto go out alone now xx

  • Yeah - It will get to you that way.. Best luck there getting it checked

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