nerve damage in neck and my left hand

January 2014 I was involved in a seven car pile up on my way to work. I had severe whiplash and nerve problem, or pressure in my left side of my neck. I quit my old job and started a new job closer to home. I do a lot of looking up and heavy lifting in my job. For the last about 2 months, i have in my left hand, numbness and prickling feeling sensations. Since the accident, I had slight numbness in the hand, but this has gone to my whole hand and is very nerve racking. I am still on medicines from the accident. Could this be from the nerve damage in my neck?? I wake up at night with the sensation so bad I get up and move around for a bit until I get some relief, usually about ten minutes!!! What can I do to help allieviate this, PLEASE!!!! Thank you in advance!!!

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Hiya phowes76. Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis? If so this should really be reported to your Rheumy if it's not easing or has worsened recently. If he or she is not comfortable treating you or feels it's not within his remit he may refer you on to Neuro. I suffered whiplash a year last September, small shunt, we were at a standstill & white van man did not stop in time, quite uneventful but despite physio I still suffer cervicogenic headaches eased thankfully by amitriptyline. I have cervical spondylosis (osteoarthritis of the neck) so it was obviously going to be a weak spot but anything that continues to be a problem must be investigated following an accident, especially if it continues & certainly as it is 12 months since the accident.

I hope you receive the help you need & the root cause of your numbness is found.


I never thought of RA, Thankyou for your answer!! will keep in touch!! I am praying for you!!!


So do you think if could be undiagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis, this is the HU NRAS National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society site!? If so the sooner you see your GP for a blood test to confirm the better as if it's caught early the better the prognosis & there's a 3 month average waiting time for referral to Rheumatology. I hope you don't have it but, believe me, the quicker you act the better. You're welcome back here if it proves to be the case.



Could be neck nerve damage that is causing what you describe. Your GP could arrange pysio and give meds like NSID selective Anti depressive for nerve damage and pain meds.

You need to see your GP to confirm



Thank you so very much, Bob!! I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow afternoon!! I think as you do since I had this cervical nerve injured in the accident!! I will keep you posted!!


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