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Quick update


Hi everyone we'll finally saw the consultant yesterday in respect of starting biologics . Well what a letdown either that or wishful thinking on my part . I have to go through a series of tests starting with a blood test called quantiferon apparently for TB and other things. Already had chest x ray and need another chest MRI (booked for Friday) then they want to start me on a new biologics called Secukinumab as apparently I can't have any of the others like humira or Enbrel as I had skin cancer 2. Years ago . I have injections weekly for 5 weeks then fortnightly and kept a very close eye on for 4 months . My question is has anyone taken this biologic or what is your personal opinion on biologics ? I feel I've tried everything so this is my last option .


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Hi jayneN I started injecting Etanercept ( Erelzi 50 mg) 2 weeks ago and the difference is amazing. It took 4 months to get the drug. I had to have a DAS (disease activity score) and blood tests to qualify for a Biological, so I know the pain and distress you are going through with this horrible disease. Hopefully I'll not take a reaction to this drug but like you this was like a final option for me. In my opinion I'd take the biological if I was you. I hope everything works out for you jayneN and you get on top of this horrible disease keep us posted as to how you are doing all the best.

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Thankyou Jim1063 I'm glad to hear it's working for you so hopefully it can work for me. Will keep posts to help others. I've nothing to loose by trying it .

Well that sounds good news to me.....not quite sure what was the letdown? You always have TB & lung checks before starting a biologic, and it does take time to get the clearance.

I don't take biologics, and I am now resigned to that, but I did go through a period of biologic envy! Everything I've read, plus people's stories on here, suggest that they can work brilliantly with few side effects. Yes there are risks, but that's the same with everything.

And although secukinubab (cosentyx) is the new kid on the block (it was only agreed for use in U.K. last year) the feedback seems to be good.

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Thankyou for your great advice as always 👍

Hi jane it will l be stressfull for you it is a bit let down they usually do blood test there and then and start you via docs next week if bloods ok that's wot they do here.hope you get on ok with meds when you start them hope this one works for you if not I would consider stopping them as well fm and horrendous side effects and meds and try alternative treatment take care

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Hi Ajay it's all done via the hospital here . Fingers crossed it makes things a little easier and regarding side effects everyone is different so here's hoping it works ..... thankyou

🤞for you

JayneN in reply to Ajay575

Thanx Ajay 🌹

cheers jayne

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