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Wanting to know which forks etc are OK for my disability


I use a splayed fork at present but gradually my hands/wrist will not twist to allow me to use it. Now I am on my own it is hard. I have been sent a catalogue from Occupational Therapy that is as helpful as a bus-ticket. Can anyone help me to choose something so I can eat my food. I have Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis plus Osteoporosis. No point in wasting money choosing something unsuitable. Apparently they cannot advise on these things now.

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My occupational therapist recommended this site


There are some really good cutlery and other aids on there and you can get them vat free if you have a disability

I have RD, OA & osteopenia/borderline osteoporosis & have pretty weak grip even though I do hand strengthening exercises but use Oxo Good Grips cutlery, can't fault them completecareshop.co.uk/eati.... The knife in particular is so helpful to me, it's a rocker type & does the hard work for you. I know you're after a fork specifically but I find them brill. One thing though, I wash them by hand, although they say they're dishwasher proof my cutlery basket is in the hottest part of my dishwasher & bothered I'd spoil them.

Hi do not know if you have tryed a few already .essentialaids.com do adapted cuttlery not to expensive .you could have a look at that

I have used completecareshop and I use the Lightweight cutlery range and I find it comfortable to use daily.

Thanks folks I have the complete care catalogue but could not see if they were any good when my wrist won't bend so much now. I shall investigate what is suggested.

I also have trouble eating because of difficulty twisting my hands and wrists. I bought the Good Grips fork and rocker knife from the completecare shop. Nice chunky handles to grip but they didn't really make it any easier as far as twisting my wrists is concerned. I also found both items to be a bit blunt.

beauty96 in reply to wishbone

That is my problem. The splayed fork is great and have used since 1992. But with more arthritis both RA and OA etc it gets harder. If you do find a solution let me know. thanks

wishbone in reply to beauty96

Will do...ditto if you should find anything. Don't think either of us should hold our breath though! It's not too difficult getting food onto the fork, but it's twisting my wrist to get it into my mouth is the problem, which I believe is the same for you. I manage with my left hand for much of the time but it's still an awkward process.

I have thick rubber handled cutlery and they are easier to grip.xxx

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