I speak International!

whilst pushing, or being trundled in, the wheelchair around London I didn't want to keep saying "excuse me please" so I decided to use something simple, easy to understand in any language - "beep beep"!

This worked wonderfully and almost everyone smiled and moved. One French lady smiled and said "beep, beep?" to which I replied in my best school french "Internationale oui?" she laughed and said "you are correct". So now we know, "beep beep"is International and I can speak it fluently! Feel free to use it.

chuckles, sandra.

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  • I am going to the Harry Potter experience in Watford in October so will use your advice!! :) Axx

  • or you could use the spell "outovmywayicus!"

    chuckles, sandra.

  • I wish i could say that the first time i went out on my scooter everyone was lovely. I asked a man three times excuse me his words were "you don't thing you get special privilages just because your in that thing do you" my reply isn't printable on here but just to say i called him a miserable old so and so. I also shouted it out so everyone heard me. I was so angry and upset.

    I am plesased you have had a better experience and as a rule most people are lovely. I went to the royal albert hall once in my scooter and i got treated like a queen,i jumped the queue and was taken straight to my seat and i was well looked after.

    It has made me laugh at this hour in the morning. sylvi.xx

  • Thanks for that Sandra it gave me my first smile of the day :-)

  • the "thumbs up" is recognised in any language.. its used alot my the armed forces on international duties ... you could use this in your new code of international language... im sure you could find the "V sign" useful at times too : )

  • that's odd? I thought it was deeply offensive in some countries, as friends from middle ehave and Africa have told me to avoid it?

  • ok !!!!!! so why didnt my smiley face work ,, ???? :(

  • :-) :-) :-) rent a smile. Ha ha

  • got it !!!! :) :) :) ha ha ....

  • Brilliant! Made me smile. Alice

  • Hi Sandra, reminded me of when our eldest daughter was a baby (sadly over 30 years ago) and my husband put the bell from his bike on the handle of the pushchair and rang it when people ignored the polite request of 'excuse me please' ........... ringing the bell worked wonders and with a chuckle !

    Judi xxxxxx

  • That's brilliant, a friend of mine had some pins put in his leg after a bad accident and was on crutches for a while. he did a very clever thing and attached a bike bell to his crutch so if people got in his way he would ring it and while they were turning around looking for the bike they needed to avoid he would hobble past :)

  • Just a thought , do you think people in London are being kinder to people with disabilities due to the paralympics as well???A

  • thanks all,

    it was definitely part of the paralympics effect. my brother put a bike bell on the baby's pram too.

    I also found a letter of the alphabet useful too but mine was "Q"

    regards, sandra.

  • oops! I'll explain "Q" is short for "thanQ".

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