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Are my meds failing to control my RA?


Hi all, For me going on Methotrexate (subcutaneous) in combination with Sulfasalazine & amyltryptaline gave me 60% of my life back this last 15 months although I cannot do things like I did because of my hands as they are much weaker now.

But, in the last few days my hands are getting both stiff & very painful again, along with wrists, shoulders, neck & feet... my question is, are my medications now failing to control the progression of this disease? I am terrified after the damage my first real flare did to my hands etc that I’m going to land up back in the “pain pit”. I think the likelihood of my consultant putting me on say biologics at the age of 65 is very remote as I think at my age they feel they are “wasting resources on old gits” lol! Saying that, I’m quite an active person, quite young for my age although I generally overdue things & crash & burn as a result & now I do watch my energy levels & am more sensible so I feel that at 65 years old, having worked all my life & only having been diagnosed 2 years last December that l should be given the opportunity to try these biologic wonder drugs before this rotten disease wreaks any further havoc on my body! So people, what are your views on this? Is it postcode dependent for most of us? We live in the Sherwood Forest Health authority & they are quite broke financially so perhaps there’s no chance.. grateful for anyone’s input thanks all xx😘

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Firstly Juliachoo I would be hugely disappointed in our health service if they thought you were an old git at 65. People are living to be a hundred these days so a person in their sixties is quite young in my view. I am 66 by the way.

I am so sorry you're pain is back and at the end of the day you cant lose anything by asking about the new biologics and see what they say. Tell them of your fears and how your anxiety is not helping etc etc.


Hi, am 62. Just been offered biologics after diagnosed a year and failed MTX and hydroxychloroquine (vile side effects) so chin up Julia 😀, there’s hope

Fellow old git x

For a start, only getting 60% of your life back, not more, doesn't seem that good. It shouldn't be age dependent as there's a big recognition that keeping us mature people fit and well does take pressure off later on.

Finances are likely to be more of a problem. Are you on top dose of MTX? And have you been tried on triple therapy (i.e. plus hydroxychloroquine as well). As they may well suggest that first, or swapping the Methotrexate for Leflunomide.

One thing you could do is work out your own DAS score, if you have your most recent blood test results, to see whether you would qualify for biologics. You need to be above 5.1. NRAS has an app to help you, here

I got the wonder drugs at 69, benapali mtx but they did nothing was offerd rituximab but I refused so don't think age comes into it like you my hands an wrists very sore and weak but steroids help until I decide what nxt .

Go for the biologics.

Hi there Julia,poor you I know exactly how you feel !I am 66 years young been on Methotrexate ,Steroid injections ,Steroid tablets,Sulfazalasine got rash all over this week ..last month had a 2 nd burst Bakers cyst behind my knee ,had my knee drained with all this wrist pain, neck pain ,hip pain ,shoulder pain ,if I carry heavy shopping I get burst small blood vessels in my arm and so it goes on ooh we must not forget our FOG BRAIN SYNDROME !!!How do we go on ?lol ...take care xx

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