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Does anyone split Enbrel dose? Example 25mg twice weekly.


Hi all!

After 4 years on Enbrel I've recently started to get a bad all day long headache(sometimes migraine)on the day after I inject the "My click" pen. I can only shift this headache with a Celebrex(my occasional big guns pain relief)Nothing else touches it. It's a once a week thing lately on the day after my shot. I did stop Enbrel for a 6 month period while trying Benepali, but switched back to Enbrel 5 or so months ago. Not sure if the stop-start was a catalyst for side effects to creep in.

Wondering whether it's a done thing to split the 50mg dose so less chance of such side effects.

Is anyone here having Enbrel headaches or migraines? And is anyone on split dose?

My understanding is that the manual injection syringe does come in a 25mg, it's a smaller dose made for juniors.

Thanks in advance


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No. It will affect the working if the drug. I think you should call your doctor and tell them about the headaches tho.

Deminem in reply to allanah

Ah I see! Thank you!

allanah in reply to Deminem

They can change the drug sometimes if its causing you too many side effects. Some if the side effects can be severe so I would defo call them x

When I first started enbrel in 2012 I was given the option of 25mg twice a week or 50mg once a week. From what I’ve gathered about the biosimilar drug benepali that is replacing enbrel because it’s a cheaper version of enbrel it doesn’t come in 25mg syringes...just wished I choosen twice weekly then I wouldn’t have the threat of switching to the cheaper version hangin over my head. So yes, you can take it twice weekly.

I wasnt given that choice x but get those headaches checked out! Xxx

Hi gals!

Allanah thank you for showing genuine concern for me, I love it, very very sweet of you. I will get it seen to I promise! As of now I am conducting a little test re headaches, Just to see if I can be sure if they are tied to Enbrel or something else maybe such as menopause. I am someone prone to getting headaches if there is any chance of getting one I do. Menopause headaches aren't common but if you're prone to them you may get them during that period. I took my Enbrel as usual on a Wednesday and haven't had a headache yet this week. I find it hard to believe it's Enbrel as not had headaches from it for 3 and a half years. So will see how my test goes. I will skip a dose next week and see what happens then.

Paula, thanks for sharing your experience. It seemed logical to me to be able to split dose bcz of the length of time the drug stays in the body. It takes two weeks after stopping a dose of 50mg before I notice some of my symptoms re occurring.

Re Benepali, I found it not to be one and the same as Enbrel as we are told. I was a total mess on it. I gave it a good six months and ended up in tears to my rhumy team on the phone. All my original symptoms come back over this period. It took me back to where I started, which was hellish and shocking after experiencing such good results and doing great on Enbrel up until I switched. I have documented much of it here if you search under my avi.

Thanks again to both of you, you guys are the best!


Paula-C in reply to Deminem

I’ve read quite a few post on here from people who have switched from enbrel to benepali and within a few months symptoms have started to return. I asked at my appointment with my consultant if there were plans to switch patients to benepali and he told me that I would be switching over within the next six months. I asked if I could go back on it if it was not as successful as enbrel and was told no, we will try you on another drug. Enbrel took me straight into remission and obviously I am not very happy about the pending switch at all. I’ve done research on the new drug and I’ve got an appointment booked with my GP to discuss my options with him and if need ask if he will help me, I’m not giving in without a fight.

I successfully took Embrel for 9 yrs which was originally only available in self mix syringe injection twice weekly.

When mine was changed to the once weekly dose my migraines became unbearable and I was moved back onto the twice weekly. The migraines were definitely less frequent and more controllable with my migraine meds on the split dose.

The Embrel was only stopped when it no longer controlled my disease activity, I only wish I could go back onto it as it controlled my RA so well.

Hi there I was on Enbrel 50 mcg by the pen was of 7 months due to having a TKR. Got bad infection in the wound. They have now swapped me onto Benepali same dose as Enterecept working good, only problem I have is my blood sugars high due to the Glucose in it. As I'm diabetic due to the Prednisilone steroids oral I was on for 21/2 years got diabetes because of them it doesn't run in the family and wasn't my diet. So all said and done is discuss it with your rheumy nurse or consultant see what they say as they have only your best interest at heart. Was so glad to get my crab arms straight again and get inflammation down was fed up with high CRP and ESR. So Benapali works for me there is Enterecept in Benapali. Hope you get on better soon.

Yes I do as directed by my hospital. The 50 only gave me 5 days relief while the 25 give me continuous relief. I had to change from click pen to syringe but the needles on the 25 syringes are really fine and painless.

Thank you all who have replied!

Your experience is priceless and a big help!


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