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Enbrel helps me!

I have been on Enbrel for over 12 years. It has helped me more than any medication I have taken for RA. I do take it in my leg. It does hurt some but worth the pain to be mobile again. I've never had stomach problems taking Enbrel. Make sure your stomach ailments are not from something else going on and not the Enbrel.

Hope you are better soon!

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Did you mean to start a new post Stuckslager, only it doesn't seem to make sense. Were you intending to reply to Blythegirl's post "Plauquenil and Enbrel spells trouble" instead by any chance? If so you just need to go to her post & reply underneath her original text, in the box next to where your pink image & Reply is.

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I’ve been on Enbrel for twelve and have bpnever had any issues. Along with mtx and steroids it keeps me mobile and not too much pain - apart from today when I’m having a bit of a flare up! Due to start benepali in four weeks. Hoping for a smooth transition.


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