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Enbrel and Mtx combo any one else on this ! Not having a good time of it ! Had to stop for the last couple of months because of an acute atipical attack of gout caused by chronic kidney disease and pyrosis ! Is there any one out there with any tips on pain relief, Not aloud anti inflammatory ! Only co codamol !

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Hi Joanne,

Just saw no one had replied to you..and am sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment. I am not on this combination so cannot make any comments about that . Pain relief ..well many of us have to try all sorts of combinations. I am not medical and all i would advise is please speak with your GP re pain meds. The are so many drugs out there there must be one or two that will help ..sorry cannot be of more help



Hello katieC ! Thx for replying , very difficult to sort pain meds ! Seen my Doc ! He dare not give me anything unless he speaks to my RA consultant ! So I seem to be stuck in this back and fourth game ! It's the sleeping that gets me ! Can not have anti inflams too ! Thx for getting back to me x


Ouch! I got tested for gout recently and thankfully it came back clear, cos I can't imagine how painful that must be. And on top of all your other problems, you must be sick as a parrot!

Pain relief is one of the hardest things. I have spoken to my Rheumy, she said that in several studies paracetamol was shown to be highly effective inRA if you take the recommended dose, it takes a couple of weeks she said but that was her advice. I don't know if u r allowed it though. I then went onto Tramadol which is very effective for me on a daily basis but at the moment I am in a bed flare so having morphine sulphate.

I tell you this to show you that pain relief varies and is very individual to each person.

As Katie says the experts in pain relief are the GPs and if you can get in before the weekend and have a good chat I am sure he will come up with something specific to you and your conditions.

I also find heat pads and heated over blankets really good, others prefer ice packs. And my OTgave me wrist splints and resting splints for my arms, not glamorous but when u r sore they ease the pain, so you could maybe ask to see the OT if you haven't already.

I had Enbrel which I had no side effects from, just wasn't effective for me, but MTX just made me ill, so the Rheumy changed me onto other dmards, so a good chat with them maybe on their helpline might be good. Don't forget NRAS have a great helpline too and I ring them when I am down or have questions.

I hope you feel much better very soon, sending you virtual hugs Axx


Hi allanah ! Thx for getting back to me ! Well I'm very limited with pain meds ! Tramadol ! Bad reaction too and do take paracetamol with codeine! Just had 5 weeks in hospital. i only have one kidney at 30 gfr ! So the gout uric acid was not lowering ! Have fluid round heart because of the RA so having checks to see if that's ok to go on anakinra a new drug and a new uric acid drug too ! Can not take any anti inflams! So as you can see very limited ! It would help if I managed to her a good nights sleep ! See my rheumatologist in a couple of weeks ! They are very good and the RA nurse specialist have a help line ! But I'm feeling a bit Down. ! Seem to be at a stand still! Just had a wrist reconstruction too ! So getting about on sticks is not good ! Thanks. For letting me do a bit of moaning :o) ! You take care and thanks for taking the trouble to get back to me ! X


Jeez Joanne and they say RA is not a severe illness, I am so not surprised you are feeling down. I would be climbing the walls! I am laid here feeling sorry for myself and I am only having a flare! You make me feel humble!

If you wanna moan, please do! I might join in!

On the moaning theme, u can talk of course to us, but also to NRAS honestly you would not believe how good the helpline is! And they have telephone volunteers too that are really good. I had a lovely girl who has RA herself and like you had loads of problems from it and now we are good friends, in fact I think I will ring her for a moan on later, I know she will always listen.

I can't imagine trying to get around with a wrist job and balance on my crutches, would be a nightmare. Feel helpless cos I can't think of anything to help so all I can do is send positive vibes down the Internet and hope we both mange some sleep later!!! XxA


Oh really are having a rough time of it just now. Try phoning whoever you need to today to get some help for the weekend. I know that will require a huge amount of strength from you as you are in so much pain and not in a nice place but if you can even get a telephone appt. with your GP

Sending hugs



Oh Joanne, hang in there, hopefully you can get back on track with the Enbrel/MTX. Once the RA med is working there isn't as much need of course for as many painkillers but at the moment that's obviously not the case for you. :-( I have opiate transdermal pain patches and just had my first Humira shot Wednesday. I was on Enbrel/MTX for three months but it did nothing for me after three weeks. At first great then it nosedived. It's different for us all so no one please read that and panic! I just hope Humira helps me quickly. Sending you lots of positivity and hope you are feeling improved very soon. ;-)


Really sorry to hear this.. may be tramadol, co-codamol, oramorph may be possible but speak to GP, tens machines can help too x


Hi summer Tens machine does not seem to help and do have oramorth as a stand by, but if I take this I can not drive , co codamol good but you know the side effects there ! Xx


sorry just read you cant take tramadol, I cat take this either, I stop breathing!!


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