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Enbrel question

Should I stop taking Enbrel anti Tnf injections as going for hip surgery on 8 February ?

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I had cataract surgery last April, I had to come off enbrel for three weeks before the op. I started taking it again two weeks after the op. Your best to ring your nurse specialist for advice though. x


I was told to stop biologic before and after surgery not sure how long. You will need to check with your rheumatology unit as they all vary from one to another.

Hope your op goes well x


Talk to the doctors as new guidelines came out last month basically saying there is no increased infection risk if you continue RA treatment but a risk of flare if you don't.

However some doctors and surgeons will still require you to stop some drugs.

It's guidelines not rules so I've had loads of different answers frpm different surgeons, nurses, registrars, before my pending surgery , so much so my surgeon has asked my rheumatologist to put his suggestion in writing!!


I had both hips replaced, together, at the same time and was told to stop biologic a week before surgery. I restarted them two weeks post surgery.

Wishing you every success with your op.


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How are you now . How long was your recovery? Mine is a revision op from hip replacement 17 years ago when I was 42 ,which served me well until recently.


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