1st injection last friday. Nurse suggested front of thigh. Never again. Will try stomach next time. Now not hurting, teeth, spine, hips, shoulders plus hands and feet. Swelling going down everywhere. Also feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest and able to breathe more easily. Am delighted with results so far. Here's praying and hoping that this result may continue. Would raise a glass but not allowed for another 7 months.

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  • So so pleased it's worked so well for you :))) must be worth a bit of a sore leg!

    I'm not on biologics just mtx so far, it sounds like it's worked very quickly, is that how they expect it to work? Rx

  • Hello

    Great news I hope that you get relief


  • That's amazing :) it has had the same effect for me for over 2 years now. Definitely the stomach and the squiggier the better!

  • That's really great news and agree I inject Cimzia and definitely easier in the tum :) ...I had the same effect with Cimzia its given me my life back which is great at 43 with 2 young kids :) ..let's hope it continues for all of us x

  • So pleased for you. I didn't realized it worked so quick xxx

  • Marvellous news, so glad it's easing for you! Yep legs hurt! Axx

  • amazing! Enjoy :) Xx

  • Hi,I will be starting Enbrel very soon. Happy to know that it acts that fast. Thanks for the tip about using the front of the leg, will stay away from there. Wishing you continuing success with Enbrel!!!

  • I was told to use thigh as well - too painful! I have fortnightly injections of humira and alternate sides on stomach. Less painful when you have some fat to pinch and inject into. My results were after a couple on jabs and have been brilliant, although am in a bit of a lull at the moment.

  • So pleased for you. That was an amazingly quick result. i don't have much fat to inject into so, like you, I inject into my tummy. Anywhere, where there is no fat, hurts.,...,however, the sting soon wears off and it is worth it for the effect of the medication on the RA xx

  • Glad to hear you are getting some relief. I started on Enbrel 4 years ago and the relief after 3 days was like a miracle and I still pinch myself when I think back to how I was before starting my injections. During my training for self injection I was told to use 4 sites: left leg, right leg, left stomach, right stomach and rotate it on a weekly basis to avoid infection. I have done strict rotation ever since and have never had a problem with discomfort or infection - good luck going forward.

  • Dear Grace 37, so glad you're starting to feel better. It is such a relief when things start to improve. I've been injecting Humira for a while now in the thigh and it's really painful every time. I may start trying the stomach next time. Let me know how you get on. Pat x

  • Great result, I also found stomach to be easier but also remember to prepare for the jab especially in the early weeks, make sure you take it out of the fridge an hour before to bring it to room temperature, when the jab is cold the content is thicker and harder to inject and seems to give a painful kind of localised "brain freeze", also make sure you dont push the plunger too fast it can be more painful if you do, try to give yourself a few minutes quiet before the injection away from other distractions. As has been said hopefully for you the benefits will far out way the pain of the jabs. I wish you good luck.

  • that's grt so pleased for you, and to have such a quick result.

  • Gosh, what good news. Do you have to inject weekly? Anne

  • I am so please for you. I have been taking Enbrel for 8 years now and from the very first day I knew it was going to make all the difference to me. I do not take methatrexate as it doesn't agree with me, either in the ptablet form or injection form, so Enbrel is my main source of medication. I always inject in my tummy and my Consultant told me to inject as low down as possible as you have less nerves down at the bottom of your tummy. I have done this all the time and I do not have any pain doing the injection.

    Hope this helps with your injections.


  • How glorious for you! Your post lifted my spirits today. I am so glad that it is helping and so quickly too. It gives me hope that maybe one day I won't feel like I am wearing a wet blanket.

  • I have been injecting Enbrel and methotrexate for about 3 years and am in remission most of the time. I am so lucky it works for me. I alternate legs for the mtx and left and right stomach for Enbrel. My Enbrel is now a click pen and is so much better and not so painful as the normal syringe. One word of warning - be very careful not to forget an injection if you leave it to warm for an hour. I fell asleep and left it out overnight. They said I would have to pay for it. I did not in the end. I carry it around in my hand for about 10 mins before use which warms it up, good luck. I hope it works as well for you.

  • Started Enbrel 2 years ago. No one explained "how to give shot", after about a year someone told me to try this...

    never give the shot on the bone or the inner thigh...i kept the chart provided by Enbrel, the next shot i gave in my thigh was on the side an alternated from week to week...by avoiding the inner area an above the femur bone i kept away from major nerves and blood vessels....no more bleeding or serious pain...i have RA...i wouls take my shot in the morn. after breakfast then walk.......my stomach, tried it once....that was enough.

    Good luck

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