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For the last four weeks my fingers have been like sausages, today they are still painfull but the swelling seems to have gone down. Can somebody please tell me what this is all about! Toes, ankles (bit swollen still), knees and elbows still hurt too. I have been to the doctor who is trying to get my appointment for end January brought forward, he had never heard of the early referral clinic, but was able to tell me he was very busy and to get straight to the point, and this the first time I had ever seen him. Rude. Still have not heard about my driving licence, they say they have all the medical information back but are very busy and it will be another two weeks. So frustrating, public transport and Christmas coming. Have a good day peeps.

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You may possibly have RA. See if you can get an appointment to see a rheumatologist. He/she can order blood tests to see if that’s your problem


Thank you, my appointment end of January is with the Rheumatologist, 21 weeks after my blood test which showed positive ENA antibodies. Such a long wait.


Eve, it does seem to be RD of some kind. Policy in this country is to get early, aggressive treatment within three months of first symptoms.

Perhaps you might put this in writing to your GP who referred you, asking for urgent consultation with Rheumatology?

Good luck!


Thank you Charisma, I did go to the GP on Monday, and he did not even know about the early referral scheme. I have other problems and think these symptoms have been overlooked in the search to find out what was wrong. The annoying thing is my daughter-in-law did her appointment online like me, and has hers for mid December even though she applied several weeks later to the same hospital! We know it is supposed to be within three months but how can you make them do it ? I have three fingers that are bent and crooked since June, scares me.


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