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Anyone about to start methotrexate?



I am new here and feeling very grateful to have found this board. I have rheumatoid arthritis

I have just found out I have severe wrist damage (very scary) and I am going to start on methotrexate tomorrow (also very scary)

I had an allergy to sulphasalazine so stopped that a couple of weeks ago

Anybody about to start on metho or recently started?

Am trying to think positive thoughts.

Gentle hugs

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Thought I’d do a quick reply. Ive been on it since 2010. Apart from my hair thinning a little I’ve had no side effects at all. It’s the most used drug for RA. More people on it than other Dmards, so you will tend to see more reports of side effects. Good luck. xx

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Agreed, Paula-C. 😌 🙏

Lots of positives ➕➕ (& positive thoughts ➕ 🙇‍♀️ 💭 ) about Methotrexate (MTX) 💊 , nessa11. 😌

If interested in exploring 🕵️‍♀️ 🔎 further, found these resources 📚 useful/ interesting 🤔 : 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


I echo Paula's comments and I found I only had slight thinning of hair. x


It works. The usual 3 months to wait before you get full benefits ie pain relief.

I have had to stop at intervals due to it lowering white blood cell counts, the ones we depend on to fight any kind of infection.

I have thinned hair but it was thick before so not that noticeable!

Higher doses for me ie 15mg injection, caused sun burning. Yet oral dose that was higher did not.

Probably different for each person, so good luck.

Angela :-)

Hopefully someone will pop up who is at the same point as you - and yes it's scary to start with. But 7 years in, MTX is my best friend and has given me my life back. I wouldn't be without it now! So do try to be positive as it can work wonders.

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Thank you so much for your replies and encouraging comments. I will start it tonight and will be super positive.

I am not sure how replying works. So not sure if I have replied to everyone. I hope so. Thanks again.

Thanks I am assuming methotrexate is my new best friend. 😀Took it last night and no nausea or other effects. Small dose to start with. 10mg. I checked out the links to the paddison program too. Thank you! Positive positive thinking. 🤓 I have had RA for nearly 20 years but have kept it under control with plaquenil and diet until about 18 months ago when it has really knocked me down. So have been feeling hopeless and in pain for a long time. Hopefully this is the start of chemical remission and a break from pain. 🤞


I started on tablet form but didn't agree with me so was put on injections. Only been on them 5 weeks and can feel a difference already. I have ulcerative colitis so my RA is really bad when I have flare ups to the stage my wrist is completely damaged . I've been through so much with the UC nothing much really bothered me up until the RA. Real bad pain especially in the cold weather but apart from the feeling sick and feeling lethargic it's definitely working so just try it and see how it goes . I'm waiting for the 12 weeks to be over so fingers crossed I feel the benefit ... I too was like you , tbh I was wary and a little frightened but I can honestly say it's the best .... good luck 😀

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