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Starting Methotrexate

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Hello, I’m a female, 26 with what my Rheumatologist calls aggressive RA. I have been trying to ignore the symptoms as much as possible. Last year my doctor wanted to put me on Methotrexate but after reading up on it I didn’t feel like the risk was worth it. After this last visit my RA has progressed significantly and I just took my first dose of Methotrexate tonight. I know symptoms can vary, but just wondering what has helped others subside side effects. I know at this point the benefits out weigh the risks for me and I just have to accept I need to take the medication to avoid deformities and help control this pain and inflammation. Any advice is appreciated!

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Have you had any side effects yet?

If you haven't just forget what you have read......many many people take Mtx with no side effects at all.

When you say 'your doctor'- do you mean a Rheumatologist? If you are only seeing a GP who is prescribing Mtx, I strongly suggest you get a rheumatology referral ....most GP's do not have enough knowledge (or interest) to look after somebody with RA.

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I'm sorry yes I was referring to my Rheumatologist. I just took the medication a few hours ago for the first time. I feel normal. I just wanted to reach out in case I start feeling anything over the next few days. Thanks!

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I absolutely agree with everything HH advises....I always took Mtx at night, so as I then went to sleep I kind of didn't sit waiting for some sort

of negative feeling.

If you expect to get side effects you can worry yourself silly.

Have you been prescribed Folic Acid? If not- ask your Rheumy about it at your next appointment.

So let's hope now you are on RA meds you can get on with your life like most of us on HU do!

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Yasmina_V in reply to AgedCrone

Yes folic acid for any day I'm not taking the methotrexate. Sounds good!

Drinking lots of water throughout each day seems to help most people.

For me living very healthily also helped. So a good diet with lots vegetables and fish, and very little sugars, and no processed foods. Good sleep, daily exercise and try to avoid stress. All easier said than done, but worthwhile if you can. I have no side effects.....

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Great thank you! Honestly it will be a big change for me. I have had to cut out soda and I struggle to drink water. Trying to change my habits little by little to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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I find I can manage to drink enough water by squirting a little lemon juice into long as you can take sour! Alternatively just a drop of OJ.

I started doing this whilst on Mtx as I occasionally got a funny metallic taste in my mouth.

Hello Yasmina, I was on tablets first and then switched to injections. The latter was a lot easier on my body, no side effects apart from a bit of nausea. That got a lot better when I started to take Folic Acid at least four times a day. It's always been my philosophy that if the benefits outweigh the side effects I'll take it. We don't read many warnings about the severe side effects of not taking medication! This should be included in all the information given about these drugs. All the best.

Sounds like we are in similar situation. I was diagnosed in November and my lab numbers were quite high so my doc thought mine was aggressive also. Thankfully my pain/swelling wasn’t terrible yet. I started oral methotrexate then and have had great success with it! Besides a flare in my shoulder last month that lasted about a week, i haven’t had any pain since early January. At my appt in February my doc actually said i was in remission! My side effects from the mtx are very minimal. I take it on Wednesday nights and sometimes got a headache starting Thursday night and lasting all of Friday. My rheumatologist suggested taking extra folic acid if the headaches continued, so i now take 2 folic acids on Thursday’s and Fridays, 1 every other day and that seems to do the trick! The first few months of taking it i would feel super “blah” for a few days after taking it but that seems to have resolved.

Good luck to you! Hope the methotrexate works for you!

I've taken MTX nearly 40 years, dx 1971 as a child and started taking it when I was 16-18. Virtually no problems at all - you may well be the same.

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