I actually can’t believe it!!!!

As you all know I suffer loads with my knees with inflammatory arthritis. Recently I’ve noticed my feet hurtin constantly! Literally all the time and most of the time being the reason I can’t walk not my knees!!! So I took the plunge and bought some good insoles because I suspected my feet arches had fallen. I put them In my shoes an hour ago and I can walk!!!!! I walked up and down stairs almost normal too. Also reduced pain in my knees!!! I think this has been affecting not only my walking but the pressure on my knees also! I literally haven’t stopped crying I’m so happy!!!! Could £17.99 for some insoles have helped to change my life?!

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  • I also have similar problems and suspected it was due to fallen arches. I bought supports which have helped a little however not to that extent. Please could you say what make/ type that you bought so I can try them to. Ever hopeful I know,but anything is worth trying. Thank you for your up beat post.

  • I bought them from a site called plantarfix (google the name) and bought the firm fit ones. They are dark grey and lime green if that helps and they were £17.99. Also came in 2 days with free delivery!!I put off buying them convincing myself I was just trying to come up with yet another idea to why my feet always hurt but thought I may as well try before paying to see a podiatrist and so far so good!!! Really hoping you get a good result. Do let me know how you get on! Xx

  • Thank you I will look them up straight away. Here’s hoping.

  • So pleased for you. I have discovered sketches shoes with the pink memory foam. They are a dream and worth trying out. Good luck. I get a half size bigger shoes now so i can insert soft insoles. Good luck! Dee

  • Quite possibly Helen but I would like it if you'd ask your Rheumy for referral to Podietry, they will be better placed to confirm fallen arches, or anything else which your feet may be troubled with & will help you even more. It's done my feet, & back, the power of good. OK, my tootsies will never be pretty again but what a difference it's made to my comfort! I walk better thanks to basic insoles being built up over months to get me to custom made ones. I have regular appointments with my Podietrist as I need the corns on the balls of feet tended to & other hard skin & such but with her help & advice on the type of shoe I need I'm no longer nomoreheels nowadays, rather wedges & block heels which I'm so happy about. I know it sounds shallow but I never felt properly dressed for an event or evening out in flats!

    So pleased your knees feel better too, it all stems from the feet, posture & pain. This is one of a few quite interesting publications on the feet from ARUK arthritisresearchuk.org/hea...

  • Also forgot to mention I have no arthritis in my feet and couldn’t understand why I was getting pain with no arthritis. Il see how I get on and if need be I will speak to my rheumy about being referred but doubt they will if I don’t have arthritis? I’m guessing I’d just have to pay private?!

  • Agree with NMH .. Ask for a referral to Podiatry. 😘

  • Has your Rheumy ever examined them Helen? Many don't because they're not included in the DAS 28, mine didn't despite 2 years of asking until I had nothing else of note to discuss & she was very sorry as it was obvious I'd had disease activity for all that time, I was undermedicated. Also, foot problems aren't always obvious, if as you suspect you have fallen arches you may have tendon, bone or soft tissue involvement, it could even lead to metatarsalgia, pain in the ball of your foot like you're walking on pebbles. I had only had foot problems that I was aware of for around 6 weeks when I was diagnosed but had already some erosion.

  • Thanks Hun il defo mention it xxx

  • That's excellent! It goes a long way indeed. I can't walk without them. I've fallen arches. I have bought various pairs as hospital has been slooooooooow making the custom shoes and orthotics for me. Disaster after disaster since June 2014. I did get a pair or slimmer orthotics from them to be going on with so this new lady has tried. I go back to have my hopefully final fitting end of November.

  • So please for you Hun xx

  • I'm so happy for you too .. It will make a huge difference being able to be mobile for you. xx

  • I literally have to wear shoes from getting up to going to bed! I can’t walk in just socks! It’s so sad and I always feel my feet are tired because they are only ever free in bed haha xxx

  • Apart from in bed that should say ha

  • I never walk without shoes in indoors. I have wedge Flitflop shower shoes too as I can't stand in the shower barefoot, as my tendons are shortened behind my knees and Achilles. So it pulls too tight. I've some soft Clark's wedge shoes which support under the heel instead of slippers. xx

  • Oh to be able to wear slippers 😩😂

  • If you can't walk barefoot you've definitely something going on. I can't either so know how it feels. Like Neonkittie I also wear wedges in the shower & wedge shoes around the house instead of slippers.

  • Plantars fasciitis is common in people with RD, I have to be careful which shoes I buy or it comes back! Sketchers are very supportive and actually helped me walk virtually pain free! I used to be in misery while at work and could barely walk within 10 minutes, but as soon as I put those Sketchers on I was fine!

    Happy walking!

  • Mandy id love to buy some sketchers but I have wide feet so I struggle to find shoes 😩

  • They make them in wide too! When I could wear them, swollen feet won't fit right now, I had to get wides! Shoot, my work shoes, runners, and even my clogs were Sketchers! The only reason I am not wearing them now is that my feet are swollen on the top of the foot!? I am all about crocs for the moment!

  • Ah right ok I may have to look into this!! Thanks Hun!!

  • Try Fly of London, Hels, many of theirs are wide. Clark's have E and EE in many lovely modern styles and they have their Unstructured range with removable semi orthotics. x

  • Thanks honey I defo need to go to clarks x

  • Clarks never seem to need any breaking in. Always so comfy. They have some great sales too. Just never many size 5 unfortunately. There is an online outlet shop with many styles half price. xx

  • Yes Fly of London & Clark's are what my Podietrist recommends Julie, in fact she has a pic of a recommended wedge style up on her treatment room wall, you know the type with a serrated sole? The trouble is there isn't a stockist near me so I've yet to order some because I need to try them on for size & fit, 'mare!

  • The rubbery wedges are the type I love the most. So comfy and supportive. Sorry you don't have a Clark's near you. There are two within ten miles so not too bad. x

  • That's the type. Unfortunately it's Fly stockists we don't have, we have our choice of Clark's plus an outlet nearby. x

  • Do you know Schuh stock them too, just in case you have one of those. Re size - Fly often come quite generously...

  • I've just checked online & the nearest Schuh shop is Blackburn or Wigan & I'm on the Fylde Coast. Good to hear they're generous, I may just have to bite the bullet & try to order online from somewhere that accepts returns. Thanks StormySeas.

  • I’m from Wigan 😁😁😁

  • Small world! My dad's cousins lived in Bamfurlong, in fact one was the landlady of the Bamfurlong Hotel if you're old enough to remember it? There was a colliery close by, Aston maybe? Some of them worked down that pit, in fact I still have a Davy lamp that was used by one of them.

  • I don’t really know bamfurlong but know where it is xx

  • I have wide feet too and have several pairs of Skechers trainers and slip on canvas type shoes - they’re mega comfy and I’ve never had any issues with fitting, nor had to look for specifically wide fitting shoes - in fact in some styles, I have to drop a size. Worth a try!

  • Sketchers haven't fitted me So far and a shame as some great styles, but I haven't found any high enough under the heel to be comfy. I need a 2-3 inch wedge and I found they were lower. I have numerous Clark's and Fly at the mo which are very comfy. x

  • I can't wear Sketchers as they're not supportive enough & too flat. I tried some on & they were comfortable but got a no from my Podietrist.

  • Me neither NMH, I would be immobile the day after if I tried to walk in low shoes. I would have seized totally. I need my heels raised more like you. x

  • Really interesting Mandy8175 . I developed plantar fasciitis way back in 2003 - 12 years before being diagnosed with RD- and I have wondered if the two were connected! I too wear (custom made) insoles in most shoes even though I have little foot pain atm.

  • Awesome!

  • Cucumin is also great for inflammation.

  • I broke down and got custom orthotics for my shoes. They were expensive but well worth it.

  • I am even worse without orthotics- they do help. My podiatrist told me never to walk barefoot lol. She also said never wear sketchers- only sturdy, strapped supportive shoes and boots! I sometimes think though, that when I'm in my mobility scooter I should wear something wild- leopard skin print high heel boots?!! Pleased for you x

  • Yay! With studs and glitter, fake fur and laces. Go for it!


  • Fabulous! X

  • Would really recommend using fitflops. Could not walk without pain or any distance until I found fitflops. I doubt wear anything else now.

  • I saw Rheumy few days ago and he saidy arches have fallen (diagnosed 1 year ago) and said maybe need supports as I have pain in top of my feet in small bones and he doesnt think its RD. Interested to read others experience. Thanks.

  • I had the pain in the same place and in my arches and struggled to walk. Crazy how something so simple can help so so much!!!!

  • I also have fallen arches & pain from the small bone on the top of the foot (navicular) Ruth, though mine is from RD. Do ask for referral to Podietry, it's likely things will only worsen without appropriate help.

  • I am so happy 😀 for you sweetie. It’s really good that you never gave up and was still looking for things that could help you. I am the same I never give up and will look 👀 to find something that could help you. Who would of thought that £17.99 would be you savour. I finally had a Botox injection yesterday in my back muscles and I have no pain where he put the Botox so hopefully if this works I can have it in my legs as well.

    Really so happy for you hun. Have a lovely day. 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx

  • Ah thanks for the lovely message jan 😘 I am so so glad!!!!! Oh that’s fab Hun hopefully it helps you xxx

  • Take care and please don’t over do things in the beginning let the pain totally heal first before you run. Have a lovely day sweetie. 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx

  • Oh jan my butt is too big to run but I get what you mean haha xxx

  • That was funny 😁😂sweetie. I am sure it’s not. Have a lovely day hun. 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌹🌹xxx

  • Hia pleased for you, just chiming in my little bit that I found I was officially flat footed three years ago in my fifties!!! Haha. This means that you foot 'rolls in' as you walk, The podiatrist gave me insoles, Boots chemist sell virtually the same the only difference is podiatrist built it up a bit with a thin rubber layer ( so thin)

    Certainly helps a bit as brings support and I notice I walk better and posture better, evening a bit physcilogics lol

    Just bought a TENS machine, without the wire, its GREAT I'm so surprised, it deviates my brain from discomfort to a whole different level, hope it can help another, it's so discreet as sticks on with a sticky pad you can replace xx

  • Yep my feet were definitely rolling inward and causing soooo much pain!!! Thanks for the info Hun x

  • Wow held what a brake through. Where did you get them as my left foot is the same . Ladyjan

  • A site called plantarfix (google it) I got the firm fit ones at £17.99! They are lime green if that helps!! Xx

  • .......anyone had success with the copper insoles?????

  • So happy for you. Sometimes it's good to follow a hunch and just go for it, if it works it's very rewarding. Long may it continue. Keep that smile of happiness on your face.

  • Thanks Hun I just treated myself to some pretty new cushions because I feel so happy

  • Take a look at Vionic shoes too. Vionic shoes.co.uk

  • I wear Birkenstocks with the soft bed whenever possible, with socks in winter. they are my slippers and my non work shoes. they keep me going but I'm sure they are not for everybody.

  • Hi! I got specially fitted insoles at my NHS podiatrist and they have made a huge difference for me, like night and day. Only downside is tracking down shoes that can have the insoles removed to fit my orthotic but am delighted that Fly London do this! Woohoo! 😄

  • I was thrilled to hear your glad news, Hels. It would be well worth getting a referral to an NHS podiatrist though. Our hospital has a dedicated RA podiatrist and she is making some orthotics for both my shoes and slippers! Apparently, the tendons in my feet have stretched and not gone back to their proper place meaning that the pads of fat in the soles have slipped. So, as others have said, it's like walking on pebbles. I wear Birkenstocks as much as I can (they do slippers too) and will be getting some of their leather clogs or boots from them for the winter.


  • Oh, I'm so bloody happy for you!!! This post brougt a tear to my eye <3

  • Thankyou lovely. Things arnt perfect. I have inflammatory arthritis so it ain’t gonna be haha but it’s certainly helping massively!! 😘 xxx

  • Thats fantastic 🙌🏼👠👠Xx

  • Hello hels1989 just thought I should tell you my insoles arrived this week. Had to wait until today for my husband to trim them to size. I have walked too much today and my knees and feet kill. So I put my insoles into my crocs (home slipper s to try they feel amassing. Only had them on a few mins but I am so pleased. I am going to put my feet up now. I really look forward to trying them for a little longer tomorrow. Thank you so much for suggesting them.

  • Awww I am so so glad they have helped you!! X

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