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Epidural injections

I have OA and RA plus disc degeneration, spinal stenosis and history of herniated lumbar discs and related back surgeries. After having a lumbar MRI, I am awaiting suggested therapy of epidural injections for back, hip and knee pain. My concern is the addition of these injections in addition to my current use of anti-inflammatory meds - daily prednisone, Celebrex, Flector patch, and the recent addition of Cimzia, a biologic for RA. Wondering about impact/help from these injections and adverse effects of too many anti-inflammatory meds?

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I had a lumbar puncture some years ago and though it was like being kicked slowly in the back, I am reliably informed that an epidural is less painful because it is less invasive than a puncture. Ask your doctor if you have major concerns. But the beneficial effect of these injections can be huge as I had a spinal block in 2015 and have been largely pain-free ever since.



Thanks! More concerned about amount of anti-inflammatory medications already in my body.


Presumably your doctors know what drugs you have been prescribed? As to me having a flexor patch and Celebrex is odd as same class of drugs. But anyway, before the proc dure is done someone should discuss the risks, benefits and interactions with you - if not ask!


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