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All good following operation

Wen't in to have some bladder stones removed on friday afternoon. All went well, so was discharged from hospital on saturday morning. I had 7 small stones removed, which was an increase over 5 stones when I was last examined 7 months ago. I chose general anaesthetic this time rather than just a little squirt of something, which is what I did when I had a single stone zapped to bits by laser a year or so ago. It wasn't that uncomfortable, but can't say I particularly enjoyed the experience. I ended up with sepsis following that op, so fingers crossed I won't get an infection this time around. Doctor's seem confident I won't as they have given me two types of powerful antibiotics to cover me over the operation period.

My urologist is concerned about the stones recurring so want's to see me in 3 months, rather than the normal 6 months time, to see if any new ones have materialised. Hope not as this could mean a more extreme form of surgery to try to deal with them....................

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It took a while to reply as my bladder was wincing in sympathy - I hope this proves to be more trouble-free than the aftermath or your last procedure.


Haha, thanks for your good wishes ITY, and for your bladder coming out in sympathy, though it doesn't seem like this was a voluntary act. I won't go into the sordid details here, enough to say that due to my daily toilet regime my tubes have become pretty tough so they can handle a certain amount of inhumane torture. That said, the little squirt of the so called anaesthetic gel that they gave me for my previous op, did very little, if anything to deaden those sensitive nerve ends. :-( Hence my decision to be knocked out this time. The anaesthetist did consider giving me an epidural but decided a small dose of general anaesthetic more suitable. She certainly didn't hear any objections from me. :-)


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