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Bad MTX day!

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I am having tthe worst post MTX day that I've ever had. I had to take a two hour nap because I couldn't stay awake, also extremely nauseous. I usually handle the mibor nausea with lemon ginger tea and ginger ale. Tonight's dinner plate was almost immediately handed off to my husband with "please take this or I'm going to be ill all over your couch." That hasn't hapoened since early pregnancy with our youngest.....tomorrow will be spent curled up with Remy and watching movies while we both recover. Any viewing suggustions stions? Tea suggestions?

Remy loves movies so first we will be watching either Marvel movies or one called Belizaire.

Thanks for listening!


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Morning dani

Sorry to hear things are so tough fir you at the minute. Is it tablets.( Mtx) you take? If so, maybe an idea to speak with your rheumy and swapping to injections- by all account, easier in relation to side effects.

In terms of films , a few of my go to

Gone with the wind

Fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe

Legends of the fall

Practical magic ( for hope!)


Soup - all day, every day!!

Hoping you begin to feel better soon.


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Hi Marie! Great minds think alike-Fried Green Tomatoes was on our watchlist for this week + Kegends of the Fall. I need to get Practical Magic-love Sandra Bullock! My troublesome child has borrowed my copy of GTW so I will need to get a new one. Remy is looking so much better! He has put back on some weight and can go out in the daytime for a little while. Not at night but that's the way it is usually in October anyway.




Remy is looking good x

If it is the tablets you are on, then try taking them at bedtime, that way you should sleep through most of the side effects. When I was on them I still used to feel 'washed out' the next day. But since I've been on the injections I don't get the same problems. I still inject at bedtime.

Are you taking folic acid tablets? If not speak to your Rheumy team, or they may increase your dose of them if you are. Also they may prescribe anti sickness tablets. I used to nibble ginger biscuits , which helped/worked for me.

Good luck my lovely.

Hi Riedenise, ginger ale is my best friend! I think I skipped my folic was a busy day getting ready for what was supposed to be an even busier day but my friend got her flu shot and had reaction so at least I did get some enforced rest ! Also the furry boys kept interrupting my sleep-they can be worse than human toddlers! My youngest also brought me candied ginger so that helped. Today is better.



So sorry you feeling rough.

I used to be the same with methx. I now put my 8 methx tablets out by my bed when I go to sleep. When I wake up in the early hours I take them then go back to sleep. I wake up between 2 & 4 times a night so that works well for me. Hope that helps.

Aww so sorry your feeling crap , if your watching a marvel film is there any room for me ?? . Phone your gp up and ask them to prescribe stemetil or cyclizine it stops sickness !!! Take it half hour before mtx and you won't have the sickness xx

Hi Sweetheart! Yes, its a big couch, plenty of room! Would you like a fluffy pup, a large orange lovey cat or a slightly standoffish small black cat(who is a huge Marvel fan-kinda has to be as is named after Gambit!)?to watch with?

I think I maybe skipped my folic acid and am just run down but I will talk to my new GP when I make the appointment my kids are nagging me about.


Update: Well, I didn't get my rest day as my youngest son had a major meltdown. He has an axiety disorder and was triggered in a major way that endeducation up with him quitting his job--its a good thing. A less stressful job with less possibility of triggers will be good. Htohas a friend nd who wants him to apply at her workplace and thinks its will be better all around so we will see!



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