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Extra lansoprasole

Hi everyone. Been on lansoprosole 30mg for about a week now and it seems to be working. I take it last thing at night (usually as late as possible, ie about 11pm and it lasts until about 5/6am after which the acid starts to give me heartburn again, and with it the slight feeling of nausea , which isn't very pleasant. My real problem is the feeling of reflux and the associated nausea during the day. I wonder if I could take the 30mg at night and perhaps 15mg first thing in the morning. I don't want to do this unless someone has experienced this problem and gone down this route. If not I will obviously queue up to see my GP! Thanks


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I was told to take my lansoprazole in the morning at least half an hour before eating and that works for me.


The consultant told me last week that it will not work unless taken on an empty stomach one hour before food. Neither should you have any dairy for an hour


My problem was during the night, obviously because of the angle of one's body in bed (although i'm raised on pillows and have two bricks to angle the bed! ) so taking in the morning would be not as beneficial. Just wondered if an extra 15mg in the morning would help. Thanks for the replies.


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