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Has any one found that extra folic acid helps with the foggy head?😳😳😳😳

Hi all, hope everyone is feeling the love 💕

As I told you all I have a fab week last week. This week I have gone back to feeling poo!

Really heavy feeling in my head and cannot think straight - loss of appetite - Spoke to RA nurse who has advised I take folic acid 3 times a week instead of once. She hopes this will improve things. If not I may have to have injections of MTX instead. I am taking 17.5 MTX 200mg HYDROX and 4mg PRED. Would love to hear if this has worked for anyone else and if anyone has had the same symptoms .

Many thanks and good wishes to all xx

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Poor you. That's one of the worst aspects of this condition for me, how unpredictable it can at times be!

I am currently on 25mg MTX and takenfolic acid

Every day except the day I take MTX- this has definitely

Helped with the side effects.

Hoping it makes a difference for you too.



I believe in following your doctors advice....but Yes more folic acid has helped my foggy brain. My rheumy says I can have 5 mg folic acid everyday even on mtx day. Yes, even on mtx day.

The UK standard is no folic acid on mtx day. Health Canada is debating this and some rheumatologist give folic acid on mtx day and some do not...So follow the rules of your country and doctor is the best advice I can give.

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Life with RA is sooo unpredictable isn't it? I take mtx (20mg via injection) Mondays and folic acid from Thursday right through to Sunday (inc) this seems fine for me.

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I take the 5 mg of Folic Acid every day... Not sure if it help with fogginess or not - I don't notice that actually, and I don't see it listed as a benefit, expect it helps with anemia, so maybe some relationship there..


Hi, I have Mtx injections and folic acid every day except on Mtx day. Side effects are variable, some days I feel sleepy all day and can't sleep at night. Some days I feel almost 'normal'. I don't know if this is due to the Mtx or Depakote which I take as a mood stabiliser or a combination of the two. Wishing you well, Carol xxx

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For me:

Folic acid took away the nausea.

Lots of water on MTX day took away the MTX headache.

Saline took away the mouth ulcers.

And MTX took away the foggy head - this I believe was intertwined with fatigue. After around 6 months of taking MTX the fatigue and brain fog suddenly lifted over a 48 hour period. It just felt like someone had switched the lights back on!

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