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I have RA fibro and the minute I am having a flare up and I don't know which of them it is my shoulders especially my left my elbows knees and hands are very painfull can't sleep if I do i can't move in the morning it takes so long to get some mobility I am getting the biological drugs via drip every four weeks and on all sorts of medications but I am still hurting i am getting depressed I have a feeling nothing is going to work any suggestions

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How.long have you been on the biologics. In the past when I've had a flare up I have contacted rheumy nurse and got emergency appointment to get steroid injection to carry me through.

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Lennix in reply to Fra22-57

For quite a while different types of biological drugs and I have had my share of steroids

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Fra22-57 in reply to Lennix

I tried'd 3 but never worked .been on steroids 5 years thou

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I have cataracts and intermittent glaucoma so they have restricted my steroids steroids were the only thing that worked

Prolonged stiffness is usually associated with the RD. I would contact the rheumatology department.

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I have Rehumotoid arthritis oesto and fibro for quite a while

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