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Off topic but its wonderful !

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The air conditioner arrived this morning and we had to wait 2 hours before it could be turned on. All curtains drawn its so blooming hot, and now a cool breeze is gently like a hurricane sweeping through the conservatory and lounge. Its great and we're ordering another for upstairs as very impressed with its appearance and can store in the garage after the summer. A good investment and I might sleep downstairs in this awful heat. Its reading 36 on the thermometer on the wall and is going to get hotter.

I hope wherever you are its not as hot as North Kent as here its dangerous the local radio are saying stay in and so we are. And drink plenty too.

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Good to hear, how mobile is it and is it noisy (could you have it on in the bedroom at night?)

Yes its mobile but too heavy to carry upstairs its made by Electric q and bought from Appliances Direct. We're impressed and going to get another and put on the landing. Its cooled the lounge and conservatory and we're watching tv ok. It sounds like a dishwasher so not too bad and yes I think we can sleep with it on, it is programmable so can go off after a while. It can be operated by Alexa too. Worth the money we think and easy to set up too.

PS and the doctor has just rung UTI so have to go to get prescription. At least the car has air con

Rather envious. My Dyson fan is working overtime ...

Oooooh very nice. Enjoy the cool that comes from it 👍🏻

Ooh very envious of you.

Sounds really good.We're just managing with fans although we''re lucky that our house is quite cool.

I bought a small air conditioning unit last year and it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. I get the sun through my window from sunrise to set and live on the fourth floor. When it’s 36 outside my room is often slight higher. This summer I’ve been able to sleep wrapped up in my duvet with the air conditioning on keeping my room around 16. I’ve always found London too hot anyway being a Yorkshire girl originally. Highly recommend to anyone considering one 😊

As a Londoner I visited a friend in Skipton in Yorkshire a few years ago, it felt like a different country in terms of climate! Whenever I speak to that friend on the phone we joke about it being cold up north! Even when I visit my parents in Berkshire (40 miles from here) it's 1 or 2 degrees colder, presumably as less pollution to insulate them.

I'm tempted by air con. Mainly for more consistent temperatures as I find the huge fluctuations up and down more problematic than if it just stayed hot

Yes your right we went last year to Kirby in Furness in June and it was cold. Went to the pub with jacket on and local asked where are you from. Asked how did they know not local he said because its warm here and you still cold. A lovely village and so green and it rained. lol

Air conditioning sounds great its soooo hot dont know what to do with myself|

It sounds wonderful.

I hope your UTI clears soon.

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Thank you and should do, at least GP was quick off the mark and helpful as only a routine test picked it up. They've now got a sort of diagnose yourself outside the surgery in a box are sample bottles and a questionerre. Fill both and in a couple of days they get back to you. When you put a bottle in you take out an empty for next time. Good really as with the CKD it's recommended to have one done every other month. Most woman know if its a UTI and no real need to see a doctor. I hope some of these news introductions carry on.

I knew there was a reason we returned to the North West! A nice 28°c & a lovely sea breeze. Feel for you further down the country, though it will pass.

You may know but anyone with aircon should set it at 23°c, that way it's not such a shock to your body when do go, or need to go, outside. Costs more in leccy too if you have it lower.

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Ok dont rub it in 😜. I got out of bed at 6 sat on the sofa since . Have done did all day as I’m so stiff nothing moves

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Paid my dues, all 11 years of living in Spain all year round. No aircon at home either, only a ceiling fan in the bedroom & windows & shutters closed. You do get used to it though so can't complain.

No problem we got got lucky then as shareholders in Eon, as husband worked for them for 45 years. Turn it down. turn it down. lol xxx

Ah, you're fine then. Does it not hit you when you venture out though?

Nope its so hot here the BBC are advising stay inside. Hooter than Tunis and humid which is awful. Its supposed to be 26 today so not to bad. Our conservatory windows get a lot of condensation in the winter so this'll stop that too. We had a small dehumidifier which we can pass on, very worthwhile purchase it shocked me how much water the small one collected every day until it got the problem under control. It's so much nicer to sit in. It is heated which probably makes it worse really. Today there is a bit of a breeze and its nice so will go out for a walk by the sea wall to get some blackberries this evening.

Blackberrying... oh I envy you that and the stroll by the sea. I can almost feel and smell the sea breeze on my face. Have a wonderful time 😁

How can I understand your happiness, because I felt the same way after buying our air conditioner? We went without air conditioning for quite a long time, if it was very hot, turned on the fan, took a shower more often. We honestly considered air conditioning a pointless waste of money, but due to the apparent warming of the climate, it became unbearable to experience the heat naturally. That's when we realized that air conditioning is a necessity—installed last year. And now I can't even imagine how we used to get along without this miracle. But a couple of months ago, it began to work noticeably worse, and we decided to turn to specialists. Our friends advised us to contact for a convenient online consultation. They are professionals in their field who can easily and quickly help cope with air conditioner breakdown.

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