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I hope you all had a nice Christmas and if not that you, like me, didn't actually hit anyone, but not for the lack of wanting to. Anyway I had a lovely time with my kids and Gkids and no amount of nastiness can ever take away that warm squishy time, even getting up at 2am this morning to change sheets and wash one of them who had eaten way too much chocolate and had a bit of a chunder. I choose to try and not let the nasty people get to me and ruin my day, that is their problem not mine. I must say though that I have spent the best part of today in bed sleeping as I wayyyyy overdid it, but that's life and I refuse to give in to this disease. Two more sleeps and I have 7 weeks to myself, no cooking dinner and not being woken up all night long by coughing. Can't wait!!!!!

Gentle hugs to those who need it and peace and joy to all.

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Love the pic and all the best for 2015 to you! Tx


Let's hope 2015 brings some relief to us all.


Funnily enough my h has just come back from the launderette as our youngest dog icckied on our quilt yesterday. She wasn't thanked as it's down-filled & cost us a pretty penny! She spent all day being very clingy & looking at her rumbly tum wondering what on earth was going on in there!!

You have the right attitude & hope you thoroughly enjoy your extended break family free! Happy New year to you, you'll get it before us lol! Gorgeous pic, is it a Little Owl? If it is we had one that used to hunt just outside our land in Spain. :)


Yes luckily as it is the kids beds everything is machine washable hahahah I had a down quilt, I know what you mean. Poor puppy. I have a week before I go back to work and that is going to be one slothful week for me to recharge for the year. Hope the rest of your festive season is less eventful too.

It is a little owl. The picture made me feel warm and huggy so I thought it was very appropriate for this forum. :)

Reply appropriate, they do appear warm & huggy! The one we used to watch fascinated us was often seen during daylight hours preaching on the telephone sure post at the top of our lane.

Freya's fine now, guess she had a little too much rich food over Christmas, trimmings & too many turkey chews etc & it upset her tum. Only ourselves to blame really. The quilt is as good as new so no probs there lol! :D

You enjoy your slothful week SOM, you deserve it! :)


I found ham was the problem when I had dogs. way too rich for their tummy. Ohh what an awful result eeekkkk.

Yes I am going to enjoy laying about doing nothing expect going out to get the mail hahaha


We had a fillet of beef for Christmas dinner & it was the trimmings of that I think. She's never had it before.... she's not having it again!!

Hope there are no bills in your mail! :(


Oh poor girl and I bet she really enjoyed it too. Oh there are always bills they just come online these days hahahah


Lol happy new year! X


and to you. :)


Weird as it shows adulthood , that napping as a child is a punishment but a reward as an adult !,, xxxxxxxA

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haha yes but I so enjoyed my rest in bed!


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