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Normal MRI

I am so frustrated. Wake up with several fingers that will not move and clear joint swelling and heat in hands. Ankle pain and joint swelling for 18 months now. Rheumatologists has been treating it as RAy for 2.5 mos (methotrexate then switched to sulfasalazine two weeks ago plus daily prednisone). I'm in serious pain. I do not see her again until September 5 but I just got bilateral hand MRI (w/o contrast) results on online portal that say "unremarkable hand MRI" on both sides except for one note on right hand: "Soft tissues: Small fluid collection along the volar aspect of the carpal bones favored to

represent fluid pisotriquetral joint recess versus ganglion cyst." right hand MRI conclusion still "unremarkable." I am so incredibly frustrated. Has anyone had a normal MRI? If not RA, what?

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Try not to get stressed about terminology on x rays.

Your rheumatologist knows what he's looking at and he will explain it more clearly.

There are lots of things that can be done with hands injections etc.

I find warmth helps just having a warm wheat bag under my hands.

Try not to stress.


Hi..I had MRI of my hands a year ago and it showed one spot of erosion and osteoarthritis which my Rheumatologist suggested Glucosamine & Chondroitin ( costly but no effect on pain etc ) . My bloods have always been negative too despite pain stiffness and trigger fingers. I'm on HXQ only. I know it's frustrating especially as the pain and stiffnes is very real.

Have you been referred to a Hand Physio? I was given exercises and splints and she actually spent 1hr listening to me about my difficulties!

Love & light ⚘⚘⚘


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