No more meds, really!?!?!

Diagnosed with Seropositive RA 9 mos ago, been on gradually increasing methotrexate for 6 mos. Current dose is 20 mg of methotrexate and nothing else. No pain, no prednisone, no naproxen, no advil/tylenol. No biologics. I did change diet drastically. Now rheumy says stop methotrexate and see how I do. CRP 9 mos ago was 7.4 & now is consistently 1.3. I am happy but what about future joint erosion and issues. ???

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  • Maybe it's a good long as rheumatologist doesn't just dump you. You need to still have blood tests to see how things are progressing....or not!

    DMARDs are pretty nasty drugs, if you can try without for a while, perhaps its worth the risk?

  • Hope s/he didn't suggest just stopping? I would strongly suggest decreasing the MTX very slowly...looks as if you increased it slowly..I'd suggest coming off it just as gently and see how you go....9 months is a very short time in the life of RA!

    My consultants have always been much more conservative ie when I've been in remission they've said wait a year on this dose and see how you are..then we'll talk about decreasing slowly.

  • Hello Dixie60,

    Sounds interesting. I wonder if your good results have to do with combining mtx with diet. How did you change your diet?

  • Eat whole foods primarily, very little processed foods. Reduce gluten, sugar, dairy and eliminate night shades. Added probiotic. Thanks for your reply.

  • If you have no pain and no inflammation, and low CRP then probably low risk of damage right now. But yes you still need to be monitored to make sure things don't change.

    After I'd been in remission for a year I started to reduce drugs, but one dose at a time. Sadly it didn't work so had to go back up. But hopefully it will be different for you. My rheumatologist also advocates slowly increasing and slowly reducing...

  • I'm in remission because of the medication so don't understand why it would be stopped, decreased to a maintance dose yes, but stopped seems odd. Did they explin why ?

  • Surely people with RA who are on treatment eg. Mtx and are in remission surely the med is doing its job, to come off such a high dose seems madness to me. It make sense to come down slowly to a maintenance dose to keep you well. I met a lady with RA on a coach tour of Scotland recently and her rheumy said she was in remission and taken her of mtx and all other meds, her fingers were like sausages and very painful as a consequence, I advised her to see her rheumy as soon as she got home. Hoping things go well for you, but advise caution. X

  • My pain was eliminated with the prednisone and prior to mtx. Mtx was protocol so I took it. Changed my diet and lost 15 lbs. No erosion and had a vectra D score of 29. I have heard horrible stories about this Ra, that's why I wondered why I should stop mtx. Thanks for input on gradually reducing mtx and will see rheumy in DEC.

  • That's a pretty good score - so suggests that the combination of treatment and lifestyle changes have worked well for you. Well done!

    I hope your prescription hasn't been stopped already? As really seems to make sense to reduce slowly.

  • I'm so happy to hear that you're noticing positive changes due to a new diet! Yay!! About 3 weeks ago I started eating a plant-based diet and I too am noticing very slight but encouraging changes including reduced inflammation and less stiffness upon getting out of a chair. I was planning to start a new biologic soon (am currently only taking MTX by injection once a week), but if I see continued improvement I won't start a new drug. :)

  • Great news Abbey Road. Glad to hear good news when it comes to Ra. Surprisingly my Dr has really said nothing of the diet changes. Try if you want, nothing scientifically proven. Keep it up.

  • My specialist said to cut out sugar, white flour and dairy.

    Certain yoghurt is ok with probiotics etc. he also advised a mega B tablet daily plus, vitamin C, Inner health probiotic capsule, chromium and selenium, magnesium as Rheumatoid Arthritis affects iron, red and white blood cells etc so you need to add vitamins.

  • See how you go. It sounds like you have gone into remission, you might be lucky and have no symptoms for a few years. If it starts up again, go straight back.

    An ESR of 1.3 is excellent, mine is 86

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