Pregnancy and meds

My husband and I are settled enough now to start trying for a baby in the new year. Stopped methotrexate 6 months ago for other reasons also but just wondered if anyone else had experience of stopping hydroxychloroquine and sulphasalazine and managing their condition. My next appointment at the hospital keeps getting put back and has been for 12 months now so not sure when il next see anyone at the ra clinic to discuss this with. Do you stop meds completely or withdraw them slowly or one at a time?

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  • I would think slowly, though I did stop sulfasalazine cold turkey because I hated it...spit spit!

    Can you phone you doc and ask about this? It's rubbish that your appointments are frequently cancelled. Or what about the ringing the rheumatology nurse? Do you have one where you are?

  • Hi Nettiec

    Thank you for your reply. I did think slowly might mean that I notice the withdrawal less noticeable. I've never had this sort of problem with appointments until the last 2 years. I've probably been lucky previously. Doctors are currently a waste of space, you have to phone to be triaged and then they give you a telephone appointment slot and then if your lucky you might get a face to face appointment but they can also phone you and reschedule your telephone appointment if they deem someone else is more urgent. I haven't rung the rheumy hotline as didn't think it was urgent enough, maybe worth a try. Thank you Deb x

  • please try to get medical advice before you stop more meds. Call the RA helpline if you're not getting anywhere with GP or Rheumatologist. Best of luck to you both.

  • Hi RA22345

    Thank you I think I might try ringing RA clinic, I was a bit apprehensive about just stopping them . I did stop methotrexate earlier in the year for other reasons so that is well and truly out of my system now. I would like a few months drug free so I can give any baby the healthiest chance as I am a bit older at 37. Thank you again for your advice. Deb x

  • I'd go slowly. Good luck

  • I would agree with the others - Call the docs and go slowly... Some drugs are not good quit quickly.. Good luck on the pregnancy though - fingers crossed!

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