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No more meds

So today I run out of my sulfasalazine and because my husband and are are wanting to start a family, I'm not ordering any more. I have to be off the medication for 3 months before we start trying to conceive. I'm not pain free with my meds so it'll be interesting to see what happens. I work 51 hours a week as a nanny so it could be a real challenge!

I knew when I was 5 I wanted children so I'm not going to let my disease stop me.

I assume I'm not the only one on here having to deal with this so any advice welcome!

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Just wondered if you had seen any of the information on the NRAS website on Pregnancy and RA I hope this is helpful to you.

Best wishes



Hi Becky. Good for you. It will be difficult for you but just think about that lovely new baby to cuddle. I am sure that will keep you going. I think, as with most illnesses, hormones play a big part and that you will sail through pregnancy without a flare up. I sincerely wish you and your hubby the best of luck.

Sheila x


Hi there 51 hours is a lot of work. Try to rest as much as possible, nice warm baths, don't overuse affected joints like doing lots of gardening and ending up with painful swollen joints. Do the things that make you feel good and hopefully you will have a lovely pregnancy.


Hi Becky I just wondered if your rheumatologist had advised you to come off of the sulfasalazine? I am just wondering as I have been on sulfasalazine for a year and was put on it rather than other drugs because I was newly married and would possibly be wanting to start a family. I have always been told by rheumatologists, rheumy nurses & my gp that sulfasalazine is considered safe to take when TTC and during pregnancy. Indeed at my last appointment I checked this out again as my husband and I had decided we wanted to start trying for a family and my rheumatologist confirmed it is considered safe to take and he also said that he would rather I stay on it as keeping the inflammation under control would give me a better chance of conceiving. I am not on the full dose though I am on 4 a day rather than 6 and he also decided not to increase me to 6 a day. Low and behold I am now 7 weeks pregnant (crossing my fingers everyday that everything progresses well - not because I am on sulfasalazine but because I know a lot of friends/family who have suffered miscarriages). Obviously if you would prefer to come off your meds then that is your choice but I thought I would share my experience with you. Helen


Hi Helen

Yea, she advised me to be off it for 3 months before TTC. I read somewhere that they don't know enough about it to definitively say it's ok. She said if I have flare ups I can have steroid injections but I'm hoping that I won't be much worse off it and can manage it with naproxen and paracetamol :)

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can't wait!


Hi Becky

Thank you for your congratulations. I have to admit I am at the moment rather scared! I am also not feeling great at the moment - pregnancy related rather than RA related.

Its interesting how you were told to come off the sulfasalazine but I was told to stay on it. I was also told by my gp that now I am pregnant to try to avoid taking naproxen. I guess there is no definite answer as to what is safe and what isn't and I guess there is always going to be some risk with whatever medication you take. We just have to do what feels right for each of us as every case is different.

I hope everything progresses well and that you fall pregnant quickly once your 3 months is up.



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