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Off swimming in a mo!

I am fortunate enough to live in a really nice community. I'm off swimming with a group of neighbours in about half hour. I get to go to a swimming pool with steam rooms, and hot rooms. I couldn't get to this myself without being driven.

It's so much nicer going with friends too. There's the companionship, the coffee and chat afterwards, the excercise (of course!) And no one cares a hoot how the fatty in the polka dot suit looks (me!) :-)

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Sounds wonderful! Hope you had fun. And I bet you looked gorgeous :-) x

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I think gorgeous would be pushing it! :-)

It was lovely. I'm not stiff once inthe pool, and don't hurt. Getting in and out is another matter.

The sauna was amazing. I popped in for ten mins, and then got back in pool...and so on. Not so keen on steam room.

Was very companionable. Though I am really stiff, and my hip hurts like hell. But no worse than before I went in :-)


Oooh! That sounds blissful. Gentle exercise, good company and steam rooms sound like an unbeatable combo. I do love a good steam room/sauna. I hope you had a brilliant time and it helped raise your spirits and ease the stiffness. Hugs


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Yes I loved it Gnarli. It's a regular event I really look forward to. Everything is better with mates isn't it.

I love swimming. I'm a hippo on land, dolphin in the water! There's something very calming about swimming. I just switch off and roar up and down.

Not so keen on the steam room, but the sauna was absolute heaven! All really cheap too. The sauna and steam is free!

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And after...the coffee and the chat...and giggle. 3 if us ladies, and one bloke this week. Lovely.


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