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Lockdown lifting in England explained 22/2/21



There wasn't anything about swimming pools - that I could se anyway - which is what I really want to get back to. I found this:

'When will swimming pools reopen?

Swimming pools will be allowed to reopen from April 12, the Prime Minister has revealed.'

'It's still unclear whether the restrictions will be eased for both outdoor and indoor swimming pools.'

'You should also only visit your local swimming pool with members of your own household at first.'



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Thank you. 😍Pretty much not listening LOL as shielding still in place but by then my vaccine will have had its 21 day kick in period and maybe easter time we will get the kids in the garden. That will be lovely xx

Yes we watched the PM deliver the latest directives from Parliament on T V this afternoon.Let’s hope all goes to plan.

Moomin8 in reply to AgedCrone


April the 12th pools open confirmed by swim England

Moomin8 in reply to J1707


J1707 in reply to Moomin8

Pools are the safest indoor activity the chlorine kills everything.

Personally think too much opening too quick. Schools should have a staggered return do that they can monitor infection rates.

allanah in reply to J1707

Hurrah , cant wait !!!

Neonkittie17 in reply to J1707

Bring on the hydro/aqua sessions! 💦

I so miss aqua classes

Me too I got big muscles back in my arms and lost a stone easily as I used to do aerobic exercise in the pool. Jogging. x

AgedCrone in reply to J1707

Chlorine will not stop the Covid vaccine..... If it did we wouldn’t be in the position we are in now.

J1707 in reply to AgedCrone

It doesn’t stop Covid but it does kill the virus in the water. I am a fully qualified swimming official who is part of swim England who is is in constant contact with the government about swimming and Covid safety with scientific back up.

Moomin8 in reply to J1707

Great to hear! I only learned to swim I just over a year ago - and really miss my swimming lessons 🙂

J1707 in reply to Moomin8

Well done you .. a great achievement.. I can swim but I’m not great.. my son is or was a competitive swimmer hence the swimming official qualification. I was club secretary until RA.

My poor son has lost his chance with competitive swimming .. training and competition won’t be back fully probably for 12 months or more unfortunately lost chances.

Well impressed with your new skill 👏👏👏

Moomin8 in reply to J1707

Thanks! My daughter is a synchronised swimmer and also still holds the breaststroke record at her school (she's now 22) which was a while back. Such a shame about your son - I hope he can get back to training soon x

Neonkittie17 in reply to J1707


Great about the pools ,And the schools for the poor kids who have suffered ,

Hopefully the next 3 months go quick and no hiccups

I think I've just become a hermit and am past caring almost.As long as the next season on Peaky Blinders and Line of Duty doesn't disappoint I'll survive.😏

J1707 in reply to happytulip

Here here.. big fan too

allanah in reply to happytulip

I'm into succession on now tv !

I'm feeling bereft since the final series of Spiral finished. ☹️

L-ttie in reply to Lolabridge

Hi Lola ...me too!The last series was just remarkable on so many levels and I really really couldn’t bear for it to be the end.But that feeling was sort of balanced out by that brilliant last scene!I was soooo happy to see L and G together finally and looking sooo happy !After everything theyve been thro they really do deserve each other....in the best possible sense🤗On the plus side there’s Line of Duty coming up and the other night I watched Bloodlands😳👏👏👏👏But Spiral and L and G will always be at the top of my list.Hope you have a good day...some sunshine coming our way soon.

Lolabridge in reply to L-ttie

Yes you have summed up my feelings completely!

Maggsie in reply to Lolabridge

Not watched the latest series yet so I'm not reading any more 😁

Lolabridge in reply to Maggsie

Gosh how did you resist?!

I agree with everything you say! Hermit here too. x

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