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Best Swimming Week Yet! Feeling Pleased :D


Thanks to Run Keeper I keep track of all of my swims and this week i've broken all my previous records and done the most distance and time in a week yet since I started back in July!

Feeling proud of myself, that even on the days when I am exhausted, stiff, achey and struggle to get out of bed, I still make it to the gym out of sheer stubbornness and determination to not let the pain beat me.

5.2km swum this week over 5 consecutive days of swimming. I think this shows that BuTrans is helping for sure!

Yay!! :D

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:) :) :)

WELL DONE and long may it last!


ShellyWelly in reply to Ali_H

Thanks so much Ali!! :D

well done hun keep it up,i joined a gym 6 mths ago but not been for 3mts as feeling so rough perhaps if i can summon up your determination i will start going again as i enjoyed it when i first joined ,x

I find working out (even if it is only a relatively gentle swim!) is necessary for my mental wellbeing. i get very depressed when i'm not exercising, so it's all the incentive I need! I hope you can get back into it, it's easy once it becomes a habit :) x

yes i really must do something im just feeling so yuk at the moment got no incentive to do anything ,x

That's brilliant ShellyWelly!

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

Thanks Beverley! :D

Well done you. Must say I'm lacking the incentive too, especially being on low fat everything, I'll waste away lol!

Gosh If I was on a super low fat diet, i'd not have the energy to do it either! We definitely don't want you wasting away! .....I sure wish the larger bits of me would though!! lol

Hopefully by just before Christmas I should be ok & my GP will be happy when she tests me! Having said that I've cheated a little for the weekend as I've made a plum pie & bought some low fat creme fraiche (checked the sat fat & it's 1/3rd that of double cream so convinced myself it's an acceptable cheat! Well, you're got to live a little on the edge sometimes haven't you & our lovely plums are nearing being past their best! ;)

Sound delicious! You can't beat homemade pie, never made plum though - enjoy!!! My fruit yield this year was pathetic. None of my strawberries grew (!) and I got the grand total of ONE apple. It was a damn big, damn tasty apple but still 1?! No Cherries either despite having 2 trees...i'm usually quite green fingered too. Damn plants, hurting my feelings! lol

Have a lovely weekend x

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