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Hi,I wrote on here a while back about the extreme itching I was having, saw the rheumy nurse last Thursday, she was great & gave me a 2 week course of prednisone,worked a treat until yesterday,it's now back, with interest! Had a detailed blood test on Monday, rang for result yesterday, was told something had shown up, & I would have to have a telephone call from the gp, next Tuesday! Now, do I kick up a fuss? Put up with about 10 mins sleep? ( I had a big meltdown last night, & could easily caused myself real harm) really, really need some advice. Oh still symptom free from RA. Frankly would rather have that pain than this terrible itching! Thank you for reading all this.

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  • Ask to speak to GP today!

  • Thank you Matilda, did just that, have been diagnosed with sebhoric (?)eczema, yet another cream but hoping this one works! Don't seem to have all the symptoms, but feeling more positive than when I wrote this morning,

  • Oh that's really nasty! I'm so sorry you're suffering from this horrible itching. Like you I can cope with pain better. Why have you got to wait until Tuesday, for goodness sake? You need help now not in 4 day's time. You need to talk to the GP now. Huge hugs


  • Thank you so much Jan,have just got in from docs, eczema! As I wrote to Matilda, feeling a little more positive!

  • Let's hope the cream works for you. I had idiopathic urticaria some years ago (translation: she itches but we don't know why) and it was miserable. Washing with aqueous cream, generous dollops of Aveeno and steroid cream on the worst bits. Yuk


  • Steroid cream, have been washing with aqueous cream for a few days now , just love aveeno, this is a different steroid cream than the one I had 6 weeks ago,so hoping this one helps,(my three dogs will be pleased if it does, they're not used to me being so miserable! Guess he OH will be happy too 😀

  • Everything crossed for you


  • OH has developed bad itching after starting on sulfasalazine (already on MTX and hydroxy) - rheumy nurses and GP both said to take antihistamine...

  • Poor oh! It's an absolute nightmare, no relief from it, diagnosed with eczema & given a steroid cream, so far no real relief, but it's only been one day,were you prescribed antihistamines?The ones over the counter are only 10 mg, I was given 180 mg! Took them for 3weeks but didn't work at all so guessing the eczema is to blame? Good luck to you, I was absolutely horrible to my poor husband, because there simply no relief at all, nights are the pits! Gillian

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