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Hi all,

I'm sorry as I have not posted in quite a while. Too much going on in life!

Has anyone had a Synovectomy on their knee joint? I have had four surgeries on my knees and this last one included a Synovectomy. I am just wondering how long it took for the pain to go away or at least to the point where I feel some darn good relief. Can anyone share their story.


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When I had my meniscus repair 6 weeks ago they did this. The damage to both was large causing me great pain with not being able to stand or bend the right knee. Since this, I have been going to rehab three days a week with less pain. Talking to the therapist yesterday she said it will take 6 to 12 weeks to really stable back to a normal feel. The knee is still a little swollen and heat because of tenderness. Icing the knee three to five times a day does help.


Mine will be a year in August and it still swells and hurts. However I started out with a partial KR Left, then Total KR right, then Total left, and then a repair on a broken kneecap, replacing loose part, so a partial KR and synovectomy right knee last August. Crazy and I suspect my knees will never stop hurting completely.


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