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Pinching pain in my right side!


Ok I had my appendix and gal bladder removed over a year ago! For the last few months I have been hurting on my right side ! They did a urine test and no kidney infection! But it feels like it's something to do with my kidney ! I went and seen A dr he said my blood work is good but they want to do a ultrasound on my liver tomorrow! But it feels like my kidney! I breath in it hurts , just sitting here it hurts ! It's a constant sharp pinching pain Any info please .. this is painful thanks

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Hiya Sarah, all I can suggest is to wait for the scan tomorrow and see what that shows up before you start thinking anymore.

If your blood work is ok then I would assume it's nothing to sinister but I'm not a doctor. I do wish you the best of luck and hope you get some answers quick. I hope your taking adequate pain relief Hun x


I had my gall bladder out a few months ago, but still get the same pain over my right side. Apparently it's quite common! Is it similar to the pain you got when you had galk bladder pain? I hope the scan explains things tomorrow for you and that you feel better soon x

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