Woken by the cramp like pain running down my right arm

Went swimming today and struggled to dry myself as can't grip the towel with my right hand. But as the evening went on the pain has increased so I took to my bed hoping that a good night sleep would clear it. Oh no, it's nearly 2 hours since the severity of the pain woke me. From my shoulder to my finger tips horrific cramp like pains that codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamol won't touch. Don't know what to do with myself or what position to try to ease it. Can't move it by thought instead I have to lift it with my other hand. Ouch.

Sorry to rant but pain in the night seems so much harder to deal with :-(

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  • I find the only thing when i get gramp in my legs is put it on a cold hard floor. It doesn't always work and some will say it is a old wifes tale. YOu could try and put your hand to stRT WITH in a bowl of cold water. I do that a lot when my hands are so sore and it does help.xxx

  • If you still have the same pain I would speak to your rheumy team or GP as soon as poss. It is better to be on the safe side. Hope that you feel better soon. Wendy xx

  • Longer term indian tonic water is good

  • Please speak to gp, could be tendon or nerve related iihad this recently too four weeks, rest, sterodis and pain killers to shift it

  • Thanks for the advice. My mum used to swear by tonic water toi so think I will buy a bottle to try it. I do think it might be tendons as hand and arm still swollen from the elbow down and I still cant grip anything.

    So wanted today to go well as its my daughter's 18th. At least im off work so can spend the day with her.

    Hope everyone is having painfree day.

  • Hi everyone, hope you're well, I drink a bottle of Tonic water everyother day and found that its reduced the cramp by alot. I get cramp in my neck, hands, legs and down the side of my torso. I hope it works for you, it takes more than a 1 bottle. Take care, keep safe Ann x

  • Hello,

    I have real problems with cramp. Maybe 'just' cramp but probably in a league of its own as yours most definitely seems to be. Often after a proper old episode involving almost my whole leg it seems to die down & sort of simmer away in my toes so that I can just about sleep - one false move, almost any movement really - and it comes straight back. At the moment it is bad, sometimes not too bad for months at a time. I really sympathise. I've been away for a week & what with night cramps, dodgy bladder & staying in hotels without a 'snoring room' for my husband the nights have been eventful. So I will traipse off to my GP (again!) next week & get back to you if I hear anything useful from him.

    Hope your daughter's 18th went well,

    Luce x

  • Hope your gp can come up with some useful advice cause the way u describe your leg cramp is so what im going through in my arm.

    Daughters birthday was relaxed but having party for her sat with family and friends over so chilling today in the hope that this pain does not return (easing up today after gd night sleep last night).

    Hope u can get some sleep soon. Beauty of living alone :-)

  • Hello,i used to get terible pains in both arms and hands,nothing would touch it and many a nights the pain would keep me awake!Maybe carpal tunnel,problem with shoulder or even pains to do with Fibromalagia!Not sure if this was helpful but probably best to see the doctor,could be any of these or R.A flare.


  • I did wonder about fibro I must admit but dont know enough about that side of things. Not sure if its related to starting sulphasalazine too.

  • Thats also another drug i am on but i dont i was at the time i was getting those horrendeous pains!Ive been on so many different meds and still am plus weekly injections.Hope you will get some answers and relief soon.

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