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Rheumatoid arthritis with digestion issue


Hi every one. This is my first post. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and on methotrexate 20 mg a week. Recently developed sensation of if I sip water or ginger ale or a lattee that it feels like it gets stuck in my chest area and takes about 5 hours to go down. I have a g tube so I don't eat solid food. Has anyone else experienced This?? Thank you.

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I haven't ever experienced this but I would suggest you speak to your doctor. 🙂

Canary1 in reply to ruth_p

Thanks Ruth. I have and just waiting on an appt for a ct scan.

Speak to your dr or surgeon as they are best placed to advice you on this matter darling.xxxx

Canary1 in reply to sylvi

Thanks. I am waiting on an appt for a ct scan.

I have a similar problem. Sometimes food gets stuck and takes ages to go down, at its worse food will not go down and I regurgitate back up, which can be very embarrassing when eating out and you have to do a quick dash to the ladies. I'm waiting for the results of test that I've had done. Consultant wants to rule out a condition called achalasia. If I was you I would go and see your GP. xx

Canary1 in reply to Paula-C

Thanks for the reply. Sorry you are suffering with this as well. Hopefully your test will reveal some answers. I'm being booked for a ct scan as well.

I get this when my hiatus hernia slides up into my chest. Clemmie

Canary1 in reply to Barrister

I also have a hiatus hernia. Never even gave that a thought. Thank you so much for the reply. My oncologist has ordered ct scan of neck chest and abdomen so hopefully this will help with a diagnosis.

Barrister in reply to Canary1

What you describe sounds very like what happens to me. When the hernia slides up into my chest, I can't even get water down. It's uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful. Do you take a PPI e.g. Omeprazole, Lanzoprazole, Esomeprazol etc? I know if I haven't taken mine ( recently changed to Pantoprazole) for a couple of days, the hernia slides up. Hope you get it sorted out and that it's something very simple. Clemmie

I haven't experienced this, but suggest you contact your RA nurse.

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