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Why does everything calm down when I'm about to see the consultant!

I've been really struggling with pain in my hands, knees and toes. So bad that I can't sleep. I've managed to get an appointment with the consultant for Monday but now everything is calming down. This seems to happen every time and then I don't get the right treatment. Argh.....fed up with this disease

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The answer to that is it's called SODs LAW.


This happens to OH every time - it's as if the disease knows!


Take photos, keep a record of the symptoms and how they affect you, what you have not been able to do, etc., and take it with you.


Take notes....even if you haven't kept a diary....make a list of the effects on your day you to day life....write down why you needed this always happens to me ...and I always feel a bit weird saying that I feel bad in case they think I'm exaggerating....hoping not to worry you but I usually end up weeping....not on purpose does seem to have an effect...let us know how you get on. M


I know exactly what you mean. Luckily ( weird kind of statement I know )on my last visit I was in terrible pain limping couldn't get my shoe back on and ouched every time he touched a joint. Was prescribed steroids and another tablet to take alongside my Methotraxte . My consultant who I must say is great was like " 6 weeks ago when I last saw you things were so much better now look at you" . Then he gave me a stern look " What have you been up to?" Ha ha he knows me well. I had to admit I had been overdoing things. Patting me gently on the knee (only area that doesnt give me jip) "Lesson learnt " he says

Seeing him on Friday and the pain is back but not as bad as it was and I can hand on heart say I have been taking things a little easier.

How did you appointment go. Do you kept a pain diary I find this useful for myself and my consultant



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