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Everything you might want to know about Biosimilars

We now have 4 biosimilar medicines available in the UK as biologic originator products come off patent. NRAS has made a video of NRAS CEO Ailsa Bosworth interviewing our Chief Medical Advisor, Prof. Peter Taylor on all aspects of biosimilars. This is a real education piece (53 mins. long) for both patients and health professionals.

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Thank you for sharing.

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No matter what I try all I get is "page removed" when I try to access this video.

Any ideas?

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Mine works . ?


Thanks allanah...I'll post a photo of what I got...I don't think I can add a photo to a reply,

Can I?

I'm too old for all this techno lark!



Wow! A very interesting interview: very well conducted and full of information. I have a question: if my biologic isn't working as well as hoped, would I have the option of going on to an original biologic rather than a biosimilar?



If you are on a biological which has a biosimilar (so far only infliximab, etanercept and most recently Mabthera) you will at some point be considered for switching. If you do t think you are doing well, according to Peter Taylor, there wouldn't be much point in switching you as you would be unlikely to do any better on the biosimilar do it might be better to think about switching you to another biologic originator drug with a different target. If you are currently on a biologic which doesn't yet have a biosimilar you won't be considered for switching to a biosimilar until it does. Hope that makes sense

Suggest you seek help if you aren't doing well.




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