Maybe a silly question?!

Hi all, I have been given lansoprazole to try, I haven't started it yet because the heartburn has improved but still got uncomfortable feeling like something is stuck, I have been told this is from the acid. So was told to wait to see if it went altogether. Think I might start tomorrow but my question is a lot of you mentioned omeprazole, is the one I've been prescribed the same type of thing. Sorry to sound stupid 😬

Thank you 😀

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  • Yes the same. The group of drugs are called PPI's, proton pump inhibitors. All the names end in ....prazole. There are about 4 very commonly used ones and doctors have personal favorites but the all do the same thing.

  • Thank you 😀

  • Hi kilbeth I use omeprazole a PPI and would be lost without it. Lansoprazole is the same thing I think. I also use ranitidine too as sometimes it feels like I have something stuck in my throat that won't move. For me omeprazole is a good prevention rather than using after the fact so I take it first thing in the mornings. Of course a gulp of good old gaviscon also helps before bedtime.

    Sharon 🌸

  • Thanks, the heartburn has nearly gone but this stuck feeling is still there!! I did change brand of tablet which had defo helped, was hoping it all go but not yet. Do u take it all the time?

    Sue 😀

  • I take omperazole every morning. I had taken this before I was on mtx but on mtx that feeling in back of throat got worse so I took ranitidine to get rid of that. Im not sure if I can manage without omperazole yet. I'm switching to mtx injections this week so may in the near future try to do without it to see if I can manage...or maybe when I've stopped steroids completely. I was on 40mg and now done to 5mg so suspect they made heartburn worse also.

    Sharon 🌸

  • Gp didn't say if I have to stay on it or just try it?! Will have to c if it works first lol 😂

  • Hi

    I was on Omeprazole due to stomach getting irritated by Steroids but was moved on to Lansoprazole when I moved on to MTX as Consultant said it was best to take Lansoprazole with MTX. By the way you must leave a 4 hour gap between taking MTX and any antacid and that is also the case with Steroids too.

    I have found that the best time to take my Lanso is just before bed.

  • Lansoprazole is similar to omeprazole in that it belongs to the same group, proton pump inhibitors, intended to reduce the amount of acid made by the cells lining your tum. It's considered to be more effective than omeprazole (the more commonly prescribed PPI) for acid reflux.

    I've been prescribed omeprazole both 20mg & 40mg since diagnosis 9 years ago. If on 20mg I take it in the morning, if on 40mg I take one in the morning & one in the evening. It seems to be most often prescribed alongside NSAIDs but is also prescribed with any med that could irritate the tum. Unless advised otherwise MTX in the doses we're prescribed can be taken with PPI's. It's only usually if there's kidney involvement we're recommended not to take the two at the same time.

  • I'm on Hydroxychloroqine and was told 30mins before food?! So I take it in the morning 30 mins before my breakfast then I take the other.

  • I always took HCQ with food, my first dose with breakfast with my other morning meds. The other 200mg (I was on 400mg daily) I took with dinner with my other evening med, this is what I was advised when it was first prescribed. I think it's recommended to take with or after food but maybe your Rheumy had his/her own reasons for telling you before food so, as with any med, take it as your Rheumy/prescriber tells you to.

  • Sorry I meant I take the lansoprazole 30 mins before food then I take HCQ after my breakfast and after dinner 😀

  • Duh! Yes, that's right, if you were asking for confirmation, lansoprazole should be taken 30 mins before food. You're taking your HCQ sort of how as I was told & I didn't come to any harm! I found taking it when eating easier with them being on the larger side.

  • It's also recommended not to mix Ome with MTX if you have lung involvement. I have lung involvement with my RA.

  • Hi yes there are a few with a similar name. I take pantoprazole 40mgs twice a day.

  • Been on it for years. No problem. Helps digestion and heartburn. Go for it.

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