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Silly question ❓


Does any one else's ra 'burn'? like when you overstretch a ligament.

It's the only way I can describe this feeling. I've had to stay off the meds due to cold going onto my chest and can feel the dreaded burning in my hands.

I know it's different for everyone but my rheumy just looks quizzical when I mention it?!?

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Thank God I'm not going mad lol 😘

Pants that we've got it but silver lining and all that 😂😂

That's exactly how often described it. My consultant said she's never had anyone say that before . I know exactly when I am going to flare -- my blood feels like it is on fire 😈

Are yous rh negative blood group? don't have to tell me just curious cause I am, and wondered if it was to do with that x

I'm séronégative and i have pain, but no swelling. Definitely burning in joint affected.

Yes me too. I have OA as well and can differentiate between the RA pain and the OA pain.

I find it just as you describe - it's like burning inside, it sort of pulses too. Feels like a volcano has spilled its molten lava.

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That is exactly how i would describe it!! A pulsating volcano that is spilling it's molten lava.

Firstly on here there is no such thing as a silly question and if you have to ask the same question several times it just means you havnt got an answer you understand, but then its still not a silly question. Yes it does burn with me before transitioning to a lock up and a deeper more resonant pain.

The feeling in my fingers feel like a hot burning needle going through my fingers,xxxx

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I should add that my joints feel so so hot as well.xxxx

Yes I think the burn pain us normal RA pain even though it's difficult to explain to anyone but it's just how feel palms of my hands have it most

I'm glad I'm not alone too, I've yet to get a firm diagnosis but it is exactly this burning feeling that made me question whether or not I have RA. I already have OA and the pain is definitely different. I should add my blood tests also came back negative x

Im rhesus negative. And sero negative, and my joints burn too. I ask people to feel them - how hot they are. People feel, look quizzical and say 'feels normal to me' but they are on fire to me!

Not a silly Question at all, I have a burning sensation in my fingers as if I have been scolded by hot water sometimes to the point where it gets very sore, have mentioned it many times to my Rheumy he just smiles & nods his head as if to say yep all part of RA. It disappears as soon as it had arrived, most probably goes with the Hot sweats that I also get at certain times to which I get the same reaction by my Rheumy. Best wishes & your not alone.


Yes - Sometimes I get this with my Achilles' tendons - it happens especially at night, and it is really painful until I get it calmed down. I have not had it with my hands the same way though...

Hi, I too get a burning sensation but not that often

For the most part I get a sensitive skin sensation (as if the skin has been burned) over an inflamed area especially if that area has been inflamed for a while. I asked my Acupuncturist about this and she said she thinks it is down to the nerves being irritated by the inflammation.

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that makes sense nerve pain i have often got a real burning painfull sensation in my big toe and it happens when i am in bed what i do i get up and walk about then it seems to calm down havent mentioned it at rhumy dont think they would be interested they got worse probs to deal with than that lol it was interesting to read how many others get that burning sensation xx

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