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Silly Question


Hi all,I have a dental appointment tomorrow to re fill a cracked tooth.Ive told the dentist about my meds etc. Im usually fine but i havent had any dental work done since ive been diagnosed and im having a bit of pain in my knee and shoulder. Im not in any pain with the tooth but will have to have a couple of injections. Im wondering whether to re book the appointment for a later date when my knee and shoulder have eased.Just wondered if anyone had had any dental work done and if it had made them feel rough. Im on sulfasalazine.Thanks.x

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I have problems with my SI joints, spine, hips, as well as other major joints, heart failure and kidney disease. I'm on Leflunomide and a host of other medications and had loads of dental work over the last 2 yr, as well as infections under a root canal, never had any problems at the dentist.

As long as you inform your dentist and feel well enough to sit still in the dental chair you should be fine.

Beth x

Hi there i only had a check with a scrape and polish so didnt need any injections. You should be fine the dentist would have told you when you disclosed your medical info. Give the surgery a ring just to make sure. Good luck xxxx

Good idea to keep your dental work up tho dae when you have RA, less risk of infections.

If you feel like postponing until aches and ains ease as not urgent, I don't like visits to dentist much, but they are a necessary evil. :)


Whoops just re read cracked tooth is urgent, sorry it's early for me.

Xx gina

As a general approach I do try not to let this disease take over my life (ha ha), so do try to keep on doing normal things if I can. And as Gina says it's especially important for us to keep our teeth in good shape.

But of course only you can judge how uncomfortable you are at the moment, and whether you can or can't face sitting down for half an hour or so.


I have to see my dentist next week as I have lost part of a filling, a chunk off a tooth and another tooth is twinging. I blame the drugs we are on! My dentist has a list of the drugs I am on and each time I go every 6 months, we update it if necessary. He also gives me antibiotics if needed which don't cause problems with the MTX or Enbrel. I do have injections if it is a deep filling and have never had any problems.

The dentist's chair can be adjusted so you are comfortable in it - let him know you are having problems with your joints at present and are in pain and discomfort. Dentists are very good at making sure you are not put under any extra pressure. I find mine is brilliant if I am in pain and he makes allowances accordingly. The only time I have problems is if my jaw is painful and then I can't open my mouth very far or even close it properly!

Good luck. LavendarLady x

My dentist is very considerate and gives me short breaks frequently so that i don't get too stiff and don't have my jaw aching TOO much.

As long as they know what you have wrong with you, I've found dentists more considerate than doctors.

Hi everyone,thanks for your input.I kept the the appointment and im currently sat sipping through a straw and dribbling into a tissue:) Wasnt bad at all apart from needing oiling when it was time to get out of the chair! My usual dentist was off sick but had a lovely stand in. He was very considerate and kept asking me if i was ok ,oh and he was very handsome too which made the experience alot more pleasureable :):). Kerry.x

So glad it all went well. I know all about dribbling into tissues or down the front of your shirt! How lucky to get a very handsome stand in. Makes it all worthwhile. LavendarLady x

Hi all, not been here for a while. Nice to speak to you all again. I'm currently taking Mtx and had a surgical wisdom tooth extraction in December. I told my dentist prior to the extraction of my medication as every check up appt we update medical record. I had no problems at all with the extraction. I believe as long as you keep your dentist up to date with your medication and voice any concerns you have, your dentist will be able to put you at ease. Take care x

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