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Extreme fatigue

Extreme fatigue

Hi, I haven't posted before and started MTX last February when I joined. My 7.5 MTX was lowered to 4 but still had lethargy. I then got pneumonia and the RA doc did say that MRX may have caused it.( I later saw that people with a history of asthma are not good candidates) I'm reluctant to go to the next step--biologics. Any one have similar issues like this and ideas of where to turn? I also have Lyme that didn't respond completely with antibiotics but I treated it for 6 years and decided to treat the RA.

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Yes I also have asthma/ copd. I'm on biologics and find them much better then mtx. I'm afraid I still suffer from chronic fatigue especially later in the afternoon when my spoons start running out. (See spoon theory ).

Hope you get your meds sorted and feel better soon.

Regards Mike


Spoon theory - the most useful thing I've come across since diagnosis!


Hi Mike, I'm wondering if the asthma is why they put you on biologics? All I can think of is fear over the possible side effects(unknown) vs the known pain and stiffness and now immobility from biologics. Don't you have to be in good health to withstand the biologics? I'm pretty much scared of Western meds--and am trying to be more open. The docs here are too busy to address concerns or fear though. I joined hoping to discuss my fears and get feedback.

And btw, what are the "spoons" you mention?


Hello Wyaatch and welcome to this site where I've found people really help to support all ways around. I'd be lost without them.

I'm sorry to here about your fatigue. I have it as well. I'm on mtrxate but I take folic acid as well daily for my white cells. This lightened the fatigue but it still is there two days after taking the mtrate it's part of having RA. Folic acid should help.

I did have one biologic injection which was magical, it got rid of the swelling and pain a day later. I didn't continue because the RA cons wanted me to go private costing me £10,000 yearly for treatment.

We all react differently don't we? In my case I'd have jumped at the chance to have biological injections.

I really hope you'll tell us on your next posting that thing have improved for you. X


Oops sorry pixielink--not pinklink!


Change your rheumatologist's completely wrong (& probably illegal) for any doctor to offer a patient treatment and ask them to pay for it.

Biologics are available free on the NHS in the UK as long as you qualify ask your GP to refer you to a rheumatologist who will treat you correctly without try to make you become a Private patient where you would have to pay every time you see him, as well as for any drugs he might prescribe.

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Hi pinklink--thanks for replying to my first post. I was taking folic acid but took a natural one--not the synthetic one that the RA doc was okay. The fatigue was not just the first two days but unrelenting, so I couldn't do much. I'll try to ask if the biological also suppress your immune system and if that could cause fatigue as my immune system is already low due to chronic illness. ( it seems they'd have an immune booster--not an immune suppressor for us!) It's surprising they would give you a "one time test" as they won't do that in the US--you start full time or not at all--it's surprising it was immediate relief ( almost like a steroid!) do you recall what the name was--enbrel, humors, etc?)


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