Extreme fatigue and pain

I know about chronic fatigue after having had RA since 1999...

But recently with awful knee pain while waiting for my op, I feel much worse. Getting up can take me til midday - I have breakfast, then a shower, then the struggle really begins. I feel like the man in the video NRAS had on this forum.

I've noticed that my rheumy no longer asks me how long early morning stiffness lasts, which is ironic as I never used to get it.

But I'm wondering whether this tiredness is to do with coping with pain from my knees (which I get at night) or a change in my RA? Just would be interesting to share experiences.


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  • I would be tempted to say your RA is not under enough control but as you say it probably is a mixture a both. For me the slowness of a morning is usually from RA. Any chance your GP can give you some different pain relief for night as I believe you are due to have op soon so they will not consider changing other meds at the moment. Farm

  • Thanks. I'm actually wondering whether the Gabarpentin I'm still taken for the residues of shingles is responsible for the fatigue. I take 100g at night, none during the day. I thought I'd see if I could come off that while in hospital as they're going to be giving me heavy duty pain killers.

    How slow are you in the morning?

    Strange enough I'm sleeping OK, but not deeply because of painful knees


  • I am going reasonably well in the morning at the moment but have just finished a short course of steroids with the hope the abatacept will have kicked back in after being off it for my tkr. Couple of years ago between meds and trying to find one to work you might as well have written the mornings off - my goal at the time was just getting the family a meal at night which meant doing bits of it through the day and not much else. Farm

  • Thanks, Farm. I've just been to see the physio who is such a support. She says that the extra fatigue could be because I'm not getting any exercise, so its a downward spiral. But not to beat myself up and do what I feel comfortable doing. She's a great cheer and we laugh a lot.

    I know what you mean about getting the family meal and dividing the task into small bites. C

  • Hi Cathie,I've had RA since 2000,the mornings are a nightmare,first thing,painkillers,then wait for about hour for them to kick in a bit,no energy,think about shower any time from miday onwards,takes ages,and hair washing is horrendous, due to shoulder pain,maybe shave head,ha ha,that would solve problem.when are you having your knees done?best thing I had done,as like you I was in terrible pain with them,luckily they were both replaced within 9months, or I would have been in wheelchair.The tiredness seems part of the disease,even a small outing leaves me wiped out.iI hope you get sorted out soon.x

  • Thanks. I'm so sorry you're suffering like this. My first knee op is planned for 5 Nov. I'm pretty close to the wheelchair stage with knees and its affecting other bits like hands and shoulders. My physio suggests I try to exercise more and I do in the morning and feel a bit more vital after that. Sounds as though your knees are a success?

  • Then your knee joints have so much wear and tear they don't heal anymore. I had three surgeries, synovial shots and had to finally had a right knee replacement. You need to go to an Orthopedic doctor.

  • Thanks trish. I'm down to have a knee replacement in a few days time now. Am nervous but impatient at the same time.

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