Lost my doctor

Last week I went in for my 8 week appt and my Rheumatologist told me that he was retiring. At the end of July he will no longer be my doctor, my saviour, my hero! I balled my eyes out, right in front of him and he said "I'm 78 you know"! I know he is 78 but doesnt look a day over 50. His wife had been after him for 5 years to retire but he didn't want to and still doesn't. The nurses ive known are moving on to other places and the xray techs may lose their jobs if his associate doesnt keep them. I called the associate to make an appt. for august and the receptionist was rude to me and I felt like I was having to start all over again. 9 years gone! I dont want my medications changed or messed with and I dont want some doctor I know nothing about getting all up in my business and causing a disruption in my care. I'm sad, hurt and I feel helpless and alone. I dont like being forced to make such a big change. I am beside myself.

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  • It's a shame that things change. But change is inevitable.

    The doc needs some time in his old age to relax and not have the stress of worrying about hospitals and patients.

    It will take a bit of time to get to know your new one but it will happen .

    Don't be sad x

  • Thank you, I will try to accept this change with a positive attitude.

  • I know how you feel. My gp who I had for about 18 years retired and I was so upset as he always got things right with me. He was only 60 years old but due to the cost it was not worth him staying on and took early retirement. I got another gp and she was so cold with her approach that it made me change GPs I have a very friendly one now but I am not sure that she is as good as my old GP. It can be very distressing when things change but try and give them a chance and once they get to know you they can be as helpful as your other doctor. Things have to move on unfortunately and we have to except the changes. I truly wish you well. Take good care of yourself. Jan 🤗🤗🤗🌹🌷🌺🌸 xxx

  • When I moved to my present location 10 years ago I was devastated at leaving my Rheumy. But now I can't speak highly enough of my doctors here.

    So don't worry too much. Can you ask around & see if any friends have a Rheumy they would recommend? There are lots of kind sympathetic doctors around...I just hope you find one!

  • Thank you everyone! It helps to read your replies and gives me hope.

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