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Never ends ... kidney stones now

OH has now had horrendous back/abdominal pain which the GP suspected was kidney stones. Has now has a scan which showed a 9mm stone in one kidney (opposite side to the pain - I bet they've got them mixed up) so now waiting for urology appt.

My question is has anyone else had this since being diagnosed with RA or starting methotrexate/ hydroxychloroquine- trying to work out if it's part of it or just a horrible coincidence.

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Hi I've had a infected gallbladder and am waiting to have it removed and the consultant thinks it was the mtx that's done it, I ended up in hospital for 4 days because the pain was so bad so I know how you feel


Don't "like" but you know what I mean. J


Ouch ouch ouch. Don't know the answer but tell him to get well soon x

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Have understood that kidney stones not uncommen under the 6 first months on mtx if you are 60+.

Hope you get rid of your stone soon. I know how painful it is.😢

Take care.xx Simba


Ouch! It would seem the discomfort he had isn't discomfort any more. I would think it's been brewing for some time, may be even an infection he wasn't aware of. With a stone so big & the pain he's having it may have made it's way into the uretra, possibly having referred pain & that's where the confusion lies.

As it's the size it is it's been forming a good while, longer than his comparatively recent RD diagnosis & treatment I would think but Urology will be of more help there. Now they have the scan they'll know what they're dealing with & what's the best treatment. I hope it's soon, my h's appointment to discuss treatment has been cancelled twice though they are keeping an eye on his creatinine & urea levels.


I feel for you I have had many Kidney stones to many to remember it started when I was just a kid and still continue to get them today so have been suffering with kidney stones for over 30 years it is the worst pain I have ever felt and that includes child birth. I have had them surgically removed every time and they always put in a stent that my body tends to reject and causes even more pain. I hope you feel better soon and it doesn't keep reaccurring. Ask your doctor for a standing order at the lab so if you ever feel like you have another stone or infection you can go to lab and give sample and then go to see physician if test results are not normal. Instead of going to physician then lab then back to physician you skip a step and get results faster.


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